Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vacation in a Day

This week was one of those weeks and we were in desperate need for a getaway.

Fortunately for us (and our budget,) we were able to getaway to a beautiful resort with a pool and beach that is only one hour away. So, on Friday morning we loaded up our friend's cars and headed out as a group for a mini vacation.

{The resort in the background with the pool}

{The beautiful beach with the warm as bath water ocean}

It had been a couple of months since we had been able to take Grace swimming so we were excited to see how she would react to the water. She loves bathtime and she loves being around other kids, so I thought this would be a home run, and it was!

Grace floated around with us for a long time, taking breaks to get sunscreen on or to eat lunch. We walked down to the beach and took her out into the ocean and then let her play in the shallow water with some seashells.

It really was a perfect day. Until I ruined it, that is.

I guess she wasn't totally dry. Or maybe she was just tired. But I reapplied sunscreen and got her hands (really important to, it is one of the most forgotten areas and the most prevalent spots for skin cancer!) and then she would try to rub her eyes because she was tired.

Poor baby just kept getting sunscreen in her eyes and her little eyes got so swollen and kept tearing up.

Lesson learned- keep the hat on, avoid re applying sunscreen to a baby's face once they are wet.

All was made better with a dry towel and a warm bottle though, and she quickly fell asleep in my arms, sitting straight up! I loved getting to cuddle her because she rarely sleeps on us.

We ended the day by stopping at a McDonald's, a rare treat for us. It wasn't a long vacation, but it was just what we needed! Good friends, food, and warm weather!

It was in the mid 90's today so I am guessing we only have 1-2 more weeks until we are tipping into the 100's. I think we'll try to go back to the beach again before the temperatures become unbearable- something that will help me get through the hard work week!


katie said...

That looks like a lovely spot for a getaway. Sweet baby girl is so cute!

Lauren said...

Grace's swimsuit is too cute! love it!

Unknown said...

That trip away looks amazing!!! She's still cute even when she's crying!

Callie said...

Glad you were able to have a getaway - but poor Grace! That is so sad. :-(