Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh, You Know

I just spent 20 minutes looking up what week in my pregnancy I was. Because, you know, I had forgotten. And when one website tole me I was less than one week away from entering my 3rd trimester (28 weeks,) I freaked out and didn't think that was possible. Then I found another one that told me I was 25 weeks, which sounds more likely. I think I'll go with that one.

I really wonder what those Due Date Calculators were thinking when I entered my last known menstrual cycle date. "Uhh, if you don't know you are pregnant probably have a problem!"

Things are a little crazy around here right now.

A good type of crazy though. Busy with laughter and family time. Car trips and border crossings. Lots and LOTS of class time. There are also alot of naps and emotional breakdowns on my part, but that's par for the course right now seeing as we are knee deep in the middle of a summer term of language study, an international move, and (apparently,) I am 25 weeks pregnant.

Grace is changing and learning every day. I'm loving seeing her language start to grow. We are expecting some slight language delays with her because she is in two languages every day (English and Arabic.) She is amazing and brings us so much joy.

Our house got approved and we have the keys and contract to prove it! Ian has made several trips out there already and will go this week to make sure the house is clean and ready for our things, because, get this, OUR CRATE IS IN! We got a call earlier this week that our crate with all of our household goods, which we haven't seen in three years, is in the port! Ian just has to go another day, pay for delivery, and lead the movers to our house and then it's done!

(besides all of the unpacking, cleaning, and organizing, but you know....)

I'm a little split brained right now, because I am here, living and studying, but our new home is there, where I can't get to very easily, is hot, not cleaned, and involves an exhausting day all around. Yesterday I cried because I wanted to mop our house and Ian told me to go for it- but he didn't realize I meant our other house, in another country, ha!

We're trying to soak up every last minute with our best friends here before they move next week. It's a total bummer to our summer and we (read, I) am having a hard time with it. I'm always sentimental so it's hard to have so many lasts and first all at the same time. We had a road trip with them the other day to show them our new house, then split up to as the wives with the kids, and the husbands to go out to eat and drive home together. It was a great day and I'm so glad that we got to share our new home with our "family" over here.

Sleep has eluded me once again (hello, 5 am!) and I think it's time for me to curl up on the couch with some breakfast and Gilmore Girls, beckoning rest to come my way.


Tami said...

I know it must be so hard to be in between right now! I didn't realize you guys were going to do a summer language course. Will you be moving over to the city permanently pretty soon? I'm ready to get back there and get our girls together! They are SO different than they were when we met last time. Happy 25 weeks to you. I feel like this sweet babe will be here in no time!

Emily Powell said...

It would be so hard to say goodbye to friends but I had to giggle when you didn't know how far along you were. Totally understandable considering how busy your life is right now.

Rachel and John said...

Girl I get it. On my wedding day, it was 1 week before my mom moved out of the house I grew up in. So after the wedding, we went back to the house and sorted gifts (since we needed to get them all to Calgary) and then we left for our honeymoon. I would never returned to my childhood home. So there I was, a newly wed, so happy and yet so so sad to leave my childhood home behind, forever. I cried and cried the whole way to the airport. John was afraid people were going to think he forced me to marry him.

I can't imagine being pregnant on top of something like that!

Lauren said...

what a stressful time for you & your family...but how exciting that your crate is in! you'll have such a fun time seeing all the stuff you haven't seen in so long!