Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today I woke up at 4 am and couldn't go back to sleep. So I ate breakfast and read blogs. And went back to bed at 6 am.

Today my awesome husband got up with Grace at 7, fed her breakfast, played with her, and took her to nursery.

Today my wonderful husband put away 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen (twice,) packed a car load of our things, and ran a bunch of errands.

Today, speaking of my husband, Ian did not want to eat his brocolli. I rolled my eyes at him and told him I was so glad I was cheering on two babies when they ate their bites of green veggies.

Today I napped more than I should have but finally drank enough water.

Today we ate leftovers from yesterday's Thanksgiving in June potluck we attended. It was amazing, and corn casserole and pecan pie leftovers were doubly so.

Today I discovered termites in our door frames. I think the heat drove them inside. The same thing happened last year when we traveled to France- we came home and there were strange piles of dirt all over the place and our shower curtain was eaten through.

Today was HOT. This was at 8 pm tonight, an hour after sunset: 100 degrees that feels like 113. So, please imagine what 8 hours ago, at high noon felt like. Blistering. 

Today Grace got heat rash from sitting outside for 20 minutes at 6 pm.

Today I talked, in Arabic, on how to clean a kitchen and do laundry for an entire hour.

Today my Ian brought us home Kit-Kats for dessert. Yum!

Today I daydreamed about what it will be like to pull up to my in laws neighborhood next year when we visit. How I miss my hometown in Florida! It's where my heart will always lie.


Cara said...

I am so impressed that you spoke in Arabic for an hour!!! And an update on my possible trip: thinking Jan 2013 for that country. *grin*

Lauren said...'s sweltering hot here too, but makes me feel like it's Spring with those temps you're dealing with! Stay cool girl!

Emily Powell said...

wow! a whole hour! I can't even imagine!