Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Snapshots of a Year

We have very old, basic cell phones. We plan to upgrade sometime in the next year, but for now, we are comfortable with what we have. All of that to say, we have two years of cell phone pictures, but no way to transfer them to our computers. Our friend pointed out that our Kindle cord could connect the two, and finally, 14 months after we began snapping cell phone pictures of Grace, I can share them with the world. Please brace yourself for a sea of mediocre pictures of an extraordinarily cute baby.

(L) Grace, just minutes after she was born. Ian followed her to the NICU and her she looked all cute and pink. (R) Grace holding on to Ian's hand.

Grace looking brand new, just minutes after this, something happened (we still aren't sure what went down,) and ended up having tubes and cords all over her and she was put into the incubator.

 (L) Grace, one to two weeks after we brought her home! (R) Our swaddled little baby, prior to us becoming swaddling experts! Now, our swaddle is perfect, tight, and like a little egg roll!

(L) Ian and Grace, cuddling on the couch. (R) Grace, passed out in her crib, one of the rare times that she slept without her swaddle in the first 6 months.

 (L) Grace, after a bath sometime in her first month. I took this picture to send to Ian while he was out school. That was when I realized our phones weren't capable of that. Ha! (R) Grace, several weeks old and snuggling in my bed with me in the morning.

(L) One of the few pictures I have of Grace in a milk coma. I can't wait to have a newborn again, I forgot how cute these moments were!! (R) Sunning just a day or two after we came home from the hospital.

(L) Teething has begun! Despite the fact that no tooth would make it's appearance until she was 8 months old... (R) Passed out, swaddle less!

(L) Sleeping, spread eagle in her crib. (R) Trying on her UGA cheerleader outfit for her Daddy. Though I'm a die hard UF fan, she was pretty cute!

Prior to buying her high chair, we only had the bumbo for feedings. Sometimes we were lazy and just fed her, propped up in the corner of our couch. Here she is showing complete and utter disinterest in her meal.

(L) Grace, the first time she ever rode in the grocery cart. I love this picture- her little bald head, her look of uncertainty, her death grip on the bars. (R) On one of 10 "cold" days, we went to a walk to the grocery store.


 (L) Grace, during her first cereal experience, she loved it! (R) She was all funned out, passed out on her Daddy in a Texas Roadhouse.

(L) Grace, riding in the shopping cart, still looking unsure. (R) Lettuce-head! Grace didn't notice it for awhile!

 (L) Grace, eating at Chili's with us, probably chomping on a french fry. (R) Shortly after Grace mastered sitting up, she also mastered dumping out toys all over the living room floor.

 (L) Bubble bath beard! (R) Sweet baby girl, passed out in her car seat.

 (L) These are all out of order, but this is Grace, probably 8 or 9 months old, snuggled in our bed in the morning with her bottle. (R) Last fall, Grace was all ready to go to school. She was 5 or 6 months old here and this might have been the last time I sent her in a real outfit to school- they always got ruined!

(L) All dressed in her Christmas pajamas! (R) Passed out in her car seat on the way home from a water park!

 (L)  Grace's preferred mode of transportation- legs up on the steering wheel, yelling "Whee!" (R) One day, when our power was out, Grace and I made a trip out to a park. It was over 100 outside but Grace loved getting some time in a "big girl," swing!

 I'm so glad I was finally able to share all of these moments in time from the last year!



Tami said...

I loved looking at these! Sometimes I prefer phone pictures of the real thing because they are more "in the moment."

Lyndsey said...

Aw, I love going back and looking at old baby photos. So sweet :)

Callie said...

Aw, so cute! It's fun to see Grace's growth in these!

Alison H said...

I LOVE the picture in the swing! It's so cute! And doesn't look like a phone picture at all! Her expression is priceless! love you, sweet Baby Grace!

Erin Branscom said...

I am new to your blog and your baby is so adorable! :) Have a great day! Erin