Sunday, July 15, 2012

28 Weeks

Twenty Eight weeks! How can this be?

Today marks the beginning of the third trimester, meaning two thirds of this pregnancy is OVER! 

I completely missed my 24 week update and picture, and this picture is not going to happen for a day or two because I have already packed and moved my camera!

I'm much, uh, rounder, this time around. In a good way. It's like I have a basketball glued to my stomach.

I started this pregnancy at one pound less than my before baby weight. Last pregnancy I had put on alot of weight just in the 5th and 6th month, but this time I have barely put on any (somewhere between 13-15 pounds.) My doctor explained that alot of weight gain, if your nutrition is controlled, is hormonal, and so he expects my weight gain to follow the same peaks and valleys of the last pregnancy. If that is the case then I am hopefully past the danger zone of putting on a ton of weight- as long as I keep eating well and staying active! Slow and steady for the next 3 months!

We are really close on deciding her name for sure. Actually, we have decided it, we just need to talk with our parents first to let them know! We've been calling her by this name for a month now and it is finally "sticking."

She moves ALL THE TIME! Anytime I pause in my busy day, she wakes up and starts dancing around. Ian can feel her move every day and I can see it from the outside too!

I'm still wanting to eat cold things, particularly ice cream alot. I wouldn't call it a craving so much, as it is a lack of self control, ha! We've discovered a double chocolate ice cream that is SO good, and any time we are over the border (once a month or so,) I try to get myself a scoop of cake batter ice cream. YUM.

I'm on a prescription for my heartburn and have been for a month now. It had gotten so bad that one sip of water would set it off, meaning I wasn't drinking enough! I take two pills a day and it is completely under control.

Insomnia is intense right now. In the past 3 weeks, I have only had 2 nights of full sleep. Usually I go to sleep by 11 and am awake by 2 am. Boo. I get up after an hour or so, stretch my back, drink some water, sometime eat a snack, and try to go back to bed. I usually can't so then I get up again, around 5, and lay on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. That usually puts me to sleep by 6 or 7, right in time for Grace to get up :)

It is awful but it is all part of this wonderfully weird thing called pregnancy! I wouldn't change it for a minute. 

I run hot all the time. We have our AC's running full blast and I still am warm. At school, I end up being the school enemy because I won't let people cut through my classroom to go outside. They usually leave the door open while they dash outside in the 120 degree heat to get something, meaning my little classroom gets boiling in just a minute or two! People have rolled their eyes at me and flat out ignored my request for them to use the school's front door and not cut through my room. I finally started locking my classroom door during breaks so that no one comes in or out!

I am looking forward to: Sharing her name, organizing and designing her nursery, and, of course, meeting her in 12 or less weeks!

Picture to come later this week!


Tami said...

So glad to hear that you were able to get a prescription for heartburn! I remember that being one of the things that made me feel so sick all the time! That is so exciting that you have picked out a name! I can't wait to hear it!! :)

Emily Powell said...

I was on a prescription for HB too and it worked miracles! Can't wait to hear the name!