Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 15 Months, Grace!

Grace turns 15 months old today! It's hard to believe she is 1 and a quarter year old!!

Dr appointment is next week, I will update these stats then:

Head Circumference:
Diaper size: Pampers, size 4
Clothes size: 12-18 months!
Shoe size: 2- itty bitty feet!

She is changing so much right now, it's been amazing to see all that she learns, processes, and puts to use. She's started following simple commands ("bring me your cup." "Put the towel on the bed." etc) and can say "bye bye, da-da, ma-ma, more (mo,) no (ba,)" She has really started jibber jabbering lately too. I know other kids maybe started babbling ALOT earlier, but Grace really just started this past week!

She signs "More," and "all done," consistently, which may not seem like alot, but that's all I've taught her, ha! So that's great! She also will shake her finger "no," at things that she isn't supposed to touch and say "ba!" (no.) She also does a sign for "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," and "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep," when she wants us to sing those songs. I need to up her musical repertoire though, because I'm getting tired of singing those!

Every day she's showing us something new. Just tonight she was flipping through her alphabet book, got to "N is for Nose," and pointed at the picture of the little girl who was pointing to her nose. Grace then pointed to her nose! Blew my mind.

She has just figured out how to get on and off of our ride on car and how to push it with her feet. She carries her baby doll around every where and will pat its belly, put it on her shoulder, or give it a bottle. She even makes a crying noise when she is playing with it.

She can walk and she's getting closer to running but still trips on her own feet and gets pretty upset. She claps and can shake her head "No," until she's dizzy.

She's a picky eater, much to my disdain. I always said, when I babysat other people's kids, that I wouldn't have a picky eater. Well. Grace is making me eat my words. We put stuff in front of her all the time but she won't even touch them (any tips moms?) We'll just continue to put those foods in front of her and encourager her to taste them. I'm hoping when we move, and we have a table that we can all sit down together at, it will be less hectic and she can see us modeling eating all of our food. Plus, it'll mean I have to have dinner ready before she goes down for the night so she won't just get a bowl of oatmeal of chickpeas, ha! We especially need help in the protein (eggs and meat) department and she won't touch pasta with a 10 foot pole.

The real problem is our schedule and how she gets food in little spurts of snacks. Her daycare feeds her all day, and more than what I send with her, so when she comes home and naps, and it is dinner time, she's not hungry! We lose most of our time to feed her because of school, but now that we are about to transition to her being home more, I hope to help guide her to better foods soon.

Girlfriend loves her dairy products though! She drinks about 3-4 glasses of milk a day, has one plain yogurt and one cheese stick (or slices of cheese,) a day. She often has a low sugar oatmeal for breakfast or multigrain cheerios. She likes bananas, chickpeas, black eyed peas, carrots, raisins, hummus, and the occasional cucumber. She's had a couple of PB & J's and smacks her lips as she eats them! She likes most breads and crackers as well.

She is so much fun! She laughs and walks around all the time! She loves to be held and snuggled and will give kisses, high fives, and we are currently working on the local (weird) greeting of the hushum (think an eskimo kiss, but is often done between the same sexes as a greeting.)

She is a GREAT sleeper, going down at 7 pm sharp and at least sleeping until 7 am, but lately she'll go until 8 or 8:30 am! And, the saying "Sleep begets sleep," is SO true! Since we are home more, she gets a morning and an afternoon nap, both lasting 2-3 hours! Occasionally she'll take 15 minutes to wind down, but then she is out!

Still no real hair, but the stuff on the back is getting longer and thicker! If only a little would come in on top! She is quite toothy now. Just 3 months ago she only had 2 teeth, and now she has 12! The four middle ones and two molars on both top and bottom!

Nicknames: gobbler (her first real babble word was "gob, gob,") Gracie, baby girl, sweet cakes, cakey, and cha cha! She will also respond to her Arabic name, the Arabic word for grace- Naimah.


Emily Powell said...

she is SUCH a doll!

Lauren said...

so sweet! love her top with the ruffles!

Lyndsey said...

I have been writing out a 15 month post for Liam over the past few days and I love seeing how alike they are! Some of our info is almost exactly the same! Her itty bitty feet just kill me! Happy 15 months, Grace!