Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Can I do a "What I'm Loving TUESDAY?" because that is more what this is like....

I'm loving:

Our fourth of July family picture, even if I couldn't get Grace to stop eating her finger and I had to stand on a step that was two steps higher than Ian's, just so our heads would be near each other!

I'm loving the fact that....

Today is moving day!! By the time that most of you (in the States) are reading this, we'll be in our new house, happily (God willing,) unpacking our new home.

Buh-Bye Termites....

(this is what the daily aftermath looks like, after they swarm. I really hate them.)

I'm loving.....

My baby girl and the fact that she can now wear "big girl" pajamas! Since she's walking so much now, and since our new house is all tile and we don't have area rugs yet, I've switched her to non footie pajamas- it's safer this way. She made the switch pretty easily. I was worried because she has slept and napped in footie pajamas ONLY for the past 15 months.

I'm also loving....

My girl's love for shoes! She brings them to me and has me put them on her all the time. She always says "bye bye!" once they are on.

I love that I could crop out the packing extravaganza that is/was our apartment. Did I mention that we only have used one box in this move? That I've been packing our stuff in suitcases, reusable shopping bags, and plastic grocery bags? Yes. It's true. But it is what works for us!

I'm loving....

My CamelBak water bottle! I've always been a sucker for a new cup/water bottle to get me drinking more water, so when my friend said a local store had these in stock, I bought one for me (pink, duh,) one for Ian (black, for his Georgia Bulldogs love,) and one for Grace (pink with zinnias all over it!)

Love, love, love!

I'm loving....

That we were able to sell this necklace:

Did I ever tell you the story of this necklace? No? Here's the brief version:

In 2007, Ian was home for New Years from his internship in Amman, Jordan. He brought me a dating anniversary gift. A silver name necklace in Arabic with a heart around it. Truthfully, I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me, and then after that, I never took it off, EVER!

I lost it sometime in 2010, I think, and was heartbroken over it. I kept telling Ian that he should fly to Jordan and get another one made.

Well, in June of 2011, he surprised me with a similar, but very different version of the necklace.

First of all, it was gold.

Yellow gold.

I am not a yellow gold kind of girl.

And secondly, it was, umm, tacky.

I'm not sure if it was the yellow gold or the size or style of the font, but it was very gawdy.

I loved Ian for finding a way to get one made here and thanked him. I didn't have a yellow gold chain though so I couldn't wear it. For six months I didn't wear it.

Or mention it.

Or look at it.

Finally, my guilt overcame me and I had to tell my husband the truth. I very gently told him that I loved the gesture but yellow gold wasn't for me.

I think his reaction was to shrug his shoulders and say "okay!" He then remembered the countless times I had told him about how much I hate yellow gold and that is even why both of our wedding bands are white gold.

It took him a couple of months before he had the time, but he was finally able to take it back to a jewelers and sell it! Now we are that much richer and that less guilty of keeping a marital secret.

Lesson learned:

Make sure your husband knows what color gold you prefer. Perhaps write it on a card and tape it to his car window.

Because obviously he buys gold that often.

And that's "What I'm loving," today.

Or, you know...Tuesday Tidbits.



Lauren said...

grace is so cute! i can't hardly imagine putting Elyse in big girl pj's...she still naps & sleeps over night in a sleep sack (unswaddled)!

Jessica said...

My friends just go on and on about how much they love their CamelBaks...I might have to get myself one since I've been drinking so much water lately!

And happy moving day!!

Tami said...

Yay for moving into the new house! I am so happy that we will finally be in the same city! Love the 4th picture and I completely understand- E seems to have her fingers in her mouth ALL THE TIME! I don't blame you for switching to big girl pajamas! E still wears footies quite a bit but only the ones with the grippers. Well last last night she slipped and fell on my parents' tile floor even WITH the gripper! Looks like we might need to get some new jammies too. Hope the move goes smoothly- can't wait to see pictures. Oh yeah- which area did y'all end up going with?

Justine said...

Grace is so cute!! Congrats on the move! How are you feeling with your pregnancy? Do you guys have a name picked out for this baby?

Justine said...

Grace is so cute!! Congrats on the move! How are you feeling with your pregnancy? Do you guys have a name picked out for this baby?