Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Casualty of Moving

 We are three weeks out from our move and everything has been packed and put away for almost two weeks now. I'm pleased to say that we really only had one "casualty" of our move. Three of my glasses were cracked and broken.

That's it!

That's pretty impressive considering we packed everything we owned back in May of 2009 and put it into storage. Then, in January of 2010, a moving company came and picked it up and moved it to a crate. Only, they couldn't fit everything in our box, so they opened our boxes and moved things all around, leaving some things not even in boxes! Our household goods sat in a warehouse for over 2 years, then, just two months ago, in May of 2012, the crate was loaded onto a truck, driven to and unloaded onto a cargo ship, and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. Then, when the ship docked in Abu Dhabi, it was unloaded, x-rayed and put through other customs procedures, then loaded onto a truck and driven to our new home. There it was unloaded into our house!

Quite the journey and incredible to think that only 3 little glasses got broken! We're so thankful that none of our things had mold or insects!

Grace is pretty impressed as well! She loves "helping," us clean and can often be found with a rag in hand, rubbing doors or furniture down! She also learned the sing for food or eat, and spends most of her time running to the fridge, signing for food, and nodding her little head and saying a cute high pitched "yeah!" or affirmative "mmm-hmm!"

She loves taking her baby, bunny, and bear from room to room, moving them onto and off of the couch, stairs, or rug.

 As for the unmentioned casualty of  this sanity.....

Things are going good. I had a small melt down today, after several hours of unsuccessfully trying to recover our new (to us) dining room chairs. We had been unable to find a staple gun and so I had finished one seat with just some tacks and a hammer but it too almost 3 hours and was a big pain. Ian finally told me to stop, that we would find a staple gun somewhere!

Then, he served me a piece of chocolate cake. Because my husband loves me. And he especially loves for his very pregnant wife not to completely fall apart.

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Kelley said...

3 glasses?! I can't believe it! that's so great! And I know you must love getting your stuff back! Try to take it easy, and always have spare chocolate cake around too!