Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good/Great Day

You know it's going to be a good day when you wake up at 3 am (hats off to you, insomnia,) and think "YES! I get to eat Papa John's today!

And yes, I did enjoy myself some pizza. Delicious!

The day continued in full blown wonderfulness with Grace being adorable, followed by a super hot and long shower, and a peach that made my heart sing. And all before 11 AM. Then it just went into a frenzy of amazingness, as our DRYER was delivered!

I have not owned a dryer since we lived in Vancouver, over 2 years ago. It hasn't been horrible, but it is much more convenient to dry towels and sheets, underclothes and t-shirts, in a dryer than having to hang all of those things up.

AND we got it used for 50 dollars. It was a steal.

And if I thought my day couldn't get any better, I was wrong. The minute the dryer delivery was over Ian's phone rang from our fridge delivery guy. Yes, he was supposed to be delivering between 5 and 9 pm, but we took the 1 pm delivery with a smile. You see, we've been living with a dorm fridge for almost 6 weeks now.

Our Fridge

Our Fridge with Grace for a height comparison.
And although it worked just fine, it was so tiny, and our condiments took up so much space, that I had to run out and go grocery shopping every day. We were trying to find a good used fridge (Abu Dhabi has a great Classifieds website, similar to, but, in my opinion, better than Craigslist,) but it wasn't working out. So we went to an appliance wholesaler and got a great deal on a brand new, gigantic LG fridge. And a free microwave.

My first fridge. And microwave. And washer. And dryer. And stove. That we've ever owned. All at the same time.

To put the cherry on top of the epically amazing day, I finally entered the nesting stage of this pregnancy.

At exactly 4:30 pm today.

Yes, I know the time. Because at 4 pm, I was perfectly content to sit on the couch and not work on anything, and by 4:30 pm I was up and going, making list, and sorting things into piles.

Bring on the nesting!

Ian and I spent the rest of the evening, cuddling on the couch and watching rugby.  A good day that became a great day!


My friends just back to the States after being gone for nearly 3 years and they have boon posting facebook statuses and pictures showing their joy in the little things of life. Mostly food related, but still. Chick-fil-a, pork products, Wal-Mart, family, etc. It makes me SO excited for our trip to the States next year.

Home Girl, rocking her first pair of real shorts! She looked so grown up!
I'm really eager to redesign my blog, but am not wanting/am not able to spend anything on it right now. I also don't have time to do it myself. I don't suppose there is a really professional blog designer who reads this and wants to do some charitable work?

And yes, I just referred to myself as a charity case.

I'm totally okay with that.

We're keeping pretty busy here, but we like that! I can't believe we are 6 weeks from the due date for Miss Sophia!


Emily Powell said...

Oh, I just LOVE days like that! Where everything in the world seems to be going your way! Can't wait to see Sophia pictures! Such a sweet name!

Alison H said...

I'm SO excited for you! Now... on to other things... a spatula? A sharp knife? :) Love you. I want pictures of your place, all set up and be-u-tiful! LOVE YOU.

Kelley said...

yay for great days!!

Tami said...

Yay for your new fridge and a dryer! And here I was complaining about how tiny our stacking washer and dryer are!

Emily said...

I am so excited for you with all your new/new to you appliances! And have fun nesting!! :)