Wednesday, August 29, 2012

If I Had the Time....

Life has been pretty busy lately, which, if I was honest with you, I really enjoy. But it has been so busy that I have even been skipping my afternoon nap! Which is saying alot, since I haven't missed this many afternoon naps in almost 2 years. It got me thinking...

If I had the time, I would

Finish Reading: The Three Musketeers- I am loving Alexandre Dumas' book. It's a bit of a behemoth though, which can be a little overwhelming if you let it. I like it because each chapter is an adventure in its own and leaves me wanting to read the next. I get in one or two chapters at night before I call it quits but I'd love to have an afternoon to myself to just sit and read and make real progress.

Begin Reading: It Happened in Italy- I saw this in the Kindle store one day and it really sparked my interest. I have always loved reading stories about Holocaust survivors and the resistance movement, so this book is right up my alley.

Watch the TV show: Downton Abbey, season 2. I borrowed season 1 from a friend last winter and loved it! I like historical pieces and I really like when dramas are very well done. It's a mini series but the episodes are like movies and the characters are really intriguing! I'll probably wait to buy the show off of iTunes until after Sophia is born and I am glued to the couch, nursing for half of the day!

Rent the movie: The Hunger Games. I read the trilogy before the movie came out and even got Ian to read them. I really enjoyed them and wish we had been able to see the movie in theaters, but it was not possible at the time. To do before baby comes: Date night in with husband!

Play: Monopoly! This should go right along with my date night, though I don't like to play games while watching a movie for the first time, because I like to have my focus fully on the movie. I LOVE playing Monopoly and was overjoyed to rediscover our own game in our crate!

Talk to: my sister, my mom, my friends! Alot of people. It's really hard now that school has started back- my family and friends are all busy and because of the time difference (we are 8 hours ahead of the east coast,) most people can only talk on Saturday morning their time! I can usually only fit in one or two conversations a week then, because there isn't enough time talk to everyone in one day.

Cook: a lasagna. I'm not really sure why, but lasagna has been on my mind alot lately. I haven't had a really good lasagna in years and I might be craving it. It just takes so long if you make a really good one! I miss frozen lasagnas- they are good to me!

Bake: Chocolate Chip Cookies! I could bake and eat these every day for the rest of my life. I LOVE cookies more than almost any baked good. I've got a great recipe that turns out perfectly, but I would really love to learn to make chocolate chip cookies like Subway cookies :)

Clean: Our windows! Since moving in to the house, we have not cleaned the windows and the desert sand is everywhere on them! It's so hot outside that I don't think I could handle cleaning the outside though, so I have put off cleaning the inside because, well, what's the point cleaning one if the other is going to be caked in sand?

Visit: the salon. I desperately need a haircut but I haven't found out where a good salon is here yet. My hair needs to lose about 3-4 inches for it to be healthy again. I stopped trimming it on my own about 5 months ago, thinking I would get a hair cut back in June, but it just hasn't happened yet. My curls will look so much healthier as soon as I can get it chopped. And while I am at it, I'd love to get a pedicure and a massage too. Hey, a girl can dream!

Create: a nursery! I've sorted through Grace's baby things and have piles of stuff that is just waiting for Sophia's furniture to be put into place. After that, I can add a few cute touches, but first, I need to find some time to do all of that!


Emily Powell said...

there just aren't enough hours in the day. I feel like once you have a kid you NEVER have time for anything anymore. I guess it's just a trade off.

Amanda said...

love this list! that is my mantra lately too! if i only had the time. ha! hope you get to sneak one of those things in there soon!

Lauren said...

i seriously love this post! if i had more time I would take a nap every single day...not because I'm tired, just because i honestly really enjoy a good nap! ha!