Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall in the Middle East

Seasons tend to look a bit different on this side of the world, and I don't just mean weather wise. After all, I grew up in Florida- we don't really have normal "seasons," there either.

No, I mean that there tends to be a complete lack of recognition of the Fall season here. After all, it means nothing special to this side of the world, these three months of the year. There isn't much of a change of weather, it is not a time of harvest or Thanksgiving, there are no family oriented holidays!

And, don't even get me started on the lack of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

It's been a disappointment three years running.

But, with the impending arrival of our second baby girl, I thought it would be wise to focus on some goals for our little family this fall. A chance to step back, spend time together, and make some memories in the process.

Next year, we hope to be in the States during the Fall and I'd like my daughter to at least know of a few things.

Like what the word leaf is.

Or what carving a pumpkin means.

Or how to order me a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, no whip.

Or, just the first two would be alright.

She will only be two then.

Our bucket list for this year:

Two things to observe:
1.) many of my goals are food oriented, and I am okay with that.
2.) "carve pumpkins," is a goal of mine, but I'm not even sure if we can buy whole pumpkins, so it might turn into "carve bell peppers," and, once again, I'm okay with that.

Also, "make costumes for girls," may turn into me "buying costumes for girls." I have to remember I'll have a newborn and an 18 month old.

I am looking forward to these activities, simple as they might be!

What are your plans for the fall?


Lauren said...

love this to-do list! i have so many things I want to do with Elyse for her first Fall...even if she is just 9 months old! ha!

Tami said...

I have really been missing that Fall feeling this year! This is also our third year without fall and it makes me sad! But I love your list and I have no doubt you will be able to do quite a bit of it. We tried to buy a pumpkin to carve last year and it was way too expensive so we didn't do it. We carved a watermelon in Africa though and it worked great so that it always an option! :)

Rachel and John said...

Awesome! So fun that you'll be home for fall next year! Now I'm craving apple cider!

Lyndsey said...

Carve bell peppers - that made me laugh! Just order yourself some pumpkin candles and you can turn your house into Fall central! I've even seen some DIY pumpkin spice latte recipes on Pinterest - you should try it out!

Emily Powell said...

I'm currently working on our fall to do list. It's getting a bit long. We don't even really have much of a fall here in TX.

Brian and Ashley said...

Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite books. I think I have read it 10 times- and the thought of reading it in a coffee shop is even better!

Kelley said...

i just love fall.....but like your desert, my desert doesn't get much of a fall....maybe 2 weeks! I am determined to make the most of it!

The Barker's said...

Love your list!!! I wish I could send you a care package full of Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes!!!