Friday, September 21, 2012

Perfect Ending

 The perfect ending to a not so perfect week....sunset on the beach in Abu Dhabi, watching the kite surfers and the wind surfers dance about while I waded ankle deep into the warm waters laping at the shore.

My husband and daughter played in the sand as I took some pictures. People picnicked up and down the coast and groups of young men played soccer.

It had been awhile since we've taken Grace to the beach, probably close to a year now. She had forgotten that the sound of the waves are a peaceful thing, not a frightening thing. We coaxed her into the shallows (aka we picked her up and sat her in the water,) and she splashed away.

Then she ate a stick.

And a rock.

But that's okay, because my baby was happy at the beach, just like I am.

 Ian changed into his swimsuit (we were wearing normal clothes when we had decided to check this beach out,) and I stayed out of the water. I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to get in, no other lady was in the water. Maybe on a week day when there aren't as many people around.

He scooped up Grace and waded in past the rocks. The water was warmer than a bath and Grace loved it. The kite surfers' looped and swooped around them and a wind surfer failed at getting his rig up and moving.

The sun slipped below the horizon and we dried off and packed up. Our week may have been disappointing and difficult, but the end of the week?

Yeah, it was pretty perfect.

I think we'll go back soon.


Jessica said...

Sounds like an amazing evening! I felt relaxed just reading your post :)

Emily Powell said...

awesome day at the beach!

Emily Powell said...

awesome day at the beach! {did this post twice?}

Rachel and John said...

Sounds and looks awesome!

Kelli said...

Nothing like a beach sunset to brighten your spirits! Praying for you!

Kelley said...

such great pictures! I hope you are feeling well! I can't believe it is almost time to meet baby Sophia!!

The Barker's said...

Sounds like the best evening!