Monday, October 29, 2012

Home Tour: Grace's Room

Grace's room is the same decor as her nursery, only in a much larger space and less furniture. The twin bed from her first room is now our guest bed and she does not have a wardrobe in this room.

She does, however, have her own bathroom. Naturally.

The view when walking into her room- bathroom straight ahead and bedroom through the archway.

Busy Grace playing with her toys in her bathroom. I love that I don't have to completely remove her bath toys now, as they can stay in the bathtub after she's done. We only had one bathroom in the last house but we have 4 full and 2 halves in this house. It's a bit ridiculous.
The view looking into her room. The carpet is too small for the space but we make it work. Plus, we really aren't upstairs very much.

On the wall to your right, when you walk in is Grace's changing table/dresser. In the corner are her blankets and stuffed animals. I really loath stuffed animals. I am highly aware of how bad they are for allergy sufferers and I also know how quickly the collection can get out of control. True story.

Another true story? That mirror is actually too high for me to see in, but Ian had drilled the holes too high and if we lowered it then the holes could be seen. Oh well, at least my tall husband can use this mirror.
Grace's beautiful crib, bedding, and artwork. This is one of my happy places in he house.

These two bookcases are nice, but are awkwardly deep. In the future I won't use them for books, but only for bins of toys that can' slide back in there.

Toys and her artwork, including her name sign from Emily!

Grace loves looking out her window and watching the propane tank trucks drive by. They honk their horns continuously to let people know they are nearby in case you need a tank refill. Grace likes to yell "Beep, beep!" when they drive by and says "Night, night," to them (even if they aren't there,) at naptime and bedtime. I'd like to get the single layer, five slot book case that matches these to work as a window seat one day. I'd love the extra toy storage for when the girls share a room in the future.

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