Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sickie Sunday

We had a pretty low key weekend here in the Galloway house.

Friday (church day here in the Middle East,) I got both girls ready for church and go a meal in the crock pot but wasn't able to get myself completely ready by the time it was time to leave. I had myself a good cry and told Ian to take Grace and go without me. I think that might be the first time, ever, that I sent him to church without me!

The rest of Friday and Saturday were spent at home, playing with Grace, taking care of Sophia, and getting some laundry done.

Saturday night a friend of mine called me up to see if I would go with her shopping for some house decorations at a local souq (market.) I took he opportunity for a girls' night out and brought Sophia along with me so that I would not be rushed to get back. We had a great time and I go home with just enough time to get Sophia fed and asleep for the night before he big rival game between U of F (my team,) and UGA (Ian's team.)

The game started at 11:30 pm, our time, and by then I was starting to feel really horribly. My stomach was upset and I was fearing food poisoning from my Fettuccini Alfredo at dinner. I watched about 15 minutes of the game before throwing in the towel and collapsing in bed.

Good thing I didn't stay up to watch my team get beaten. That would have been depressing.

I woke up at 6 am very disoriented, because Ian had never brought Sophia to me to feed her in the night. I ran downstairs only to find Ian asleep on the couch and Sophia asleep in her pack n play. Poor baby wasn't feeling too great either and spent the majority of the day sleeping off whatever cold bug we had picked up.

And I did the same. My sweet husband even ran errands with Grace today so that I could have some quiet (my head was pounding,) and hopefully get some extra sleep. And he brought me back a frosty- what more could a girl ask for?

And, some closing random thoughts:

You know you are old when...

  • You are afraid to do a somersault for your daughter. I was so worried about it hurting! Finally I did and Grace got such a kick out of it. I called Ian in to do one as well but he did his all cockeyed- over his shoulder like a ninja roll. So weird.

  • Your daughter owns a pair of light up tennis shoes. That either means I'm old, or redneck. I'm not sure which one yet.

  • You get excited about finding a free episode of Reading Rainbow from 1983 (seriously.)


Unknown said...

Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

hey, we got excited about that episode of Reading Rainbow too! Tried to get Alexis to watch it with us, but she thought we were crazy!