Saturday, October 20, 2012

Play Kitchen

 Ian's mom and dad wanted to buy the girls a Christmas present a little early while she was here. Shipping costs are so high that people often spend as much or more on the mailing of a package as what is actually inside the package. Plus, they were wanting to get something bigger that they couldn't possibly mail anyways.

We considered a sand and water table but, in the end, I decided that it requires more supervision than I think is possible at this house. I was torn between a play kitchen or a cozy coupe play car or a wagon. Ian's mom was really interested in getting the girls a kitchen, so we pursued that. Every kitchen we liked at toy stores ended up being out of stock, until, finally, we found one that seemed durable and not very garish.

Ian put it together one morning and then we brought Grace down to see it. Please excuse Grace's bed head!

Grace, being brought down from nap time. And apparently Ian has a bad case of bed head too.
 She spots the kitchen....
 And makes a dash for it....
 Almost there!
 She made it!
 Checking things out....
 Spotting momma for the first time....
 Daddy teaching her how to "wash her hands."
 I  think she likes it!

We're putting it away for now until Christmas time and I am already looking forward to her reaction to seeing it again under the tree. She has just entered imaginative play phase and is starting to really pretend alot more, so in another two months I think she'll make great use of the kitchen!


Lyndsey said...

Oh my gosh that kitchen is adorable!! I thought y'all made it because I've never seen one pre made with so many cute details! Good find! My mom has a kitchen set and Liam will literally spend an hour straight playing at it. Should be very useful when you need to tend to Sophia!

Tami said...

Oh I LOVE it! The look on Grace's face is too sweet! It will definitely be a fun surprise again at Christmas.

kim said...

Where is that kitchen from? I'm trying to convince my husband to get my little girl one for Christmas and I love that one!

Lauren said...

so cute! I think a play kitchen will have to be on Elyse's list next year for Christmas...she might enjoy it this year too but there's just so much other stuff to buy!