Sunday, October 14, 2012

Resolutions Revisited

Sophia's birth made me think about alot of my goals for the year and how many things have been put on hold or altered because of her arrival. Usually, unaccomplished goals would drive me crazy (anyone else like me?), but I have a pretty cute, cuddly, adorable excuse this time around.

I didn't even remember what most of my goals were for the year, so I had to go back to an early January post to find out. Here they are and how they have changed:

*Complete Grace's baby blanket.
(not finished but I will get this one done!)

*Figure out the perfect brownie recipe
(I had not even tried one recipe- I totally forgot this was one of my goals! I've pulled aside 3 brownie recipes that I want to try and if none of those are "perfect" then I will try again next year. But with all of the holiday baking that is coming up, I just don't want to miss out on baking holiday goodies as a sacrifice for finding the perfect brownie.)

*Be completely out of credit card debt
(Boo. Double boo. This one is not going to happen this year. Hopefully we will be done completely with one card by Christmas, but our second card won't be done until summer of next year. We just underestimated the expense of moving into a new house and having to get appliances and furniture, so we had to alter our payment plans. At least we're making forward progress?)

*Order a 2010 and 2011 photo book and Grace's baby book
(Not done, but this one is easy enough. I've ordered the 2010 and have almost finished Grace's baby book. So I think this one will get finished!)

*Complete Couch to 5k
(erm. Yes. Probably not going to happen. I went and got pregnant just 3 weeks after making this goal, which didn't slow me down in my running. But THEN, my running partner got pregnant, and she didn't feel like running much during her first trimester. Then it was 120 degrees outside. Seriously. I think this goal will morph into a new one: Research costs of gym memberships in our new city. At least that is accomplishable.)

*Read 20 Books, two of which should be Pride and Prejudice and 1984 (from my bucket list)
(I've read 15 out of 20 so far, so I am right on track! I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice and am loving it!)

*Read the entire Bible
(I'm reading the Bible in a really strange order- I started in Psalms and read straight through until the end and then started Genesis where I have gotten a bit bogged down. I will finish reading it this year, even if it means taking a couple of morning to myself just to make some progress!)

 And that's it! My goals were really measurable and mostly practical. I'm not upset that a couple of them had to be deleted or revised, because at least the majority of them are being met.

I think it was the perfect time of year to revisit these goals. There is enough time that you can get them done if you have forgotten them, but just enough time to light a fire under you if you are procrastinating!


Emily Powell said...

I think you're doing really well on your goals...I don't even have any goals!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

I have the Best Recipes cookbook from America's test kitchen, and I'm sure their brownie recipe is to die for, because they test every recipe like a million different ways and figure out the best one. (-: