Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 21 Months, Grace!

I can NOT believe my baby is just 3 months away from turning two years old. TWO!

I love this age and each day with our sweet girl is such a blessing. She is sunshine and smiles, laughter and giggles, pretty much 24/7.

Her Stats:

Weight: 24 pounds
Diaper: Size 4+
Clothes: 18-24 months
Shoes: Size 5


She has entered her "language explosion," period and is starting to copy things we say more often. She doesn't often put two words together but has learned alot more descriptive words. She's also saying things alot clearer. water, which she used to say "Why," for sounds more like water, etc.

She's added Jesus Loves Me, Down by the Station, and Row, Row, Row Your Boat to her song repertoire.


She is sill a pretty picky eater. She loves her cereal and milk first thing in the morning and usually has seconds or thirds. Lunch is usually a sandwich or a plain yogurt (I think the US calls it "Greek" yogurt, but here it's just yogurt, haha.) Afternoon snack consists of pretzels, graham crackers, or fruit, and dinner is usually whatever we are eating, though she will often just drink her milk and poke at her food.

She has started to like chicken again and she ate taco meat and meatballs this month. Progress!


Grace was a 2 nap a day baby until two days before she turned 21 months. Now we are trying to still put her down for her morning nap but with some baby dolls, to give her at least an hour or two of quiet time. She is still taking her afternoon nap but i is inconsistent right now. She sleeps with 3 pacifiers, two loveys, and a crocheted blanket a friend gave her. We turn her music on and her air conditioner and then walk out. She loves her routine!


*She loves to give massages, or "saj" as she says when she comes up behind your shoulders and rubs them.

*She asks for her friends Emi, Mia, and Nora constantly.

*She has started resisting diaper changes, so it's more of a grab, tackle, and get it done as quickly as possible type of thing.

*Plans are in the work for potty training and getting rid of the paci before she turns two (I'm so sad about that one! She loves her paci and I think she is just precious with it. We'll see if we get rid of it soon.)

*She loves Elmo and was so excited to get Elmo books and DVD's for Christmas!

*She goes into time out for disobedience. Our time out is the side of a book case where she stands with both hands on it. After 2 minutes we come and explain what she did wrong and why (disobeying, dangerous, etc,) and ask for an apology. Sweet girls says "Saw-uh" followed by "Hug?" and then she goes straight back to playing. I'm not sure if it works but she doesn't repeat the same offense so something is sticking!

*She has learned how to climb onto our couches and we catch her jumping all the time!

*She says Excuse me "Scuz Ee" after she toots or burps and covers her mouth.

*Grace likes to dance by spinning around or "jumping" with bended knees. She does a finger dance whenever she hears music, including the call to prayer over loud speakers.

*Freaks out with excitement when the military helicopters fly over head. She can also spot airplanes and points out the moon!

We love you, baby girl!


Lyndsey said...

Her and Liam are so freakishly similar, ha! Let me know how the potty training goes, I'm not ready to venture into that world yet (oh and I don't think Liam is either haha)!

Emily Powell said...

such a smart girl!

Alison H said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Baby Grace! BIG kisses to her from Aunt Alison! Can't wait to see her and kiss her all over! :) Love you all!

Rachel and John said...

Aw so cute! I always wonder when I should start time outs with Henry, but right now he just screams the whole time he's in it and tries to come to me so I don't think he understands yet.