Sunday, February 17, 2013

30 Before 30

Yesterday, I turned 26. To most that might not seem that old, but to me, it's SO close to 30. Somehow 25 was in a realm of it's own, but 26? Very close to 30.

So, I thought I would reevaluate my "bucket list," and chose some goals that I would like to accomplish before I turn that dreaded 30.

(a few of these are not from the bucket list and several of these I expect to complete during our time in the States this year!)

1. Have one more child

2. Be debt free

3. Go parasailing

4. Swim with dolphins

5. Have 5,000 in savings

6. Send a letter to the president

7. Receive a response from the president

8. Learn to play chess

9. Grow a sunflower

10. Learn and play golf with my dad

11. Throw a surprise party

12. Straddle state lines

13. Ride in a hot air balloon

14. See baby turtles hatch

15. Sew a Quilt

The first fifteen were all goals of mine, but 16-30 were goals Ian and I came up with on a recent date night that we wanted to complete together before I turned 30! It took alot off prodding and drawing out the answers from Ian, ha, but we finally came up with some. Many of them take advantage of the fact that we live in the Middle East.

16. Attend a Georgia Football game

17. Take a trip as a couple to Budapest and Vienna

18. Take a family trip to England and Scotland

19. Get scuba certified

20. Learn how to play the oud (a local Arab instrument, like a guitar)

21. Go on a dune bashing excursion

22. See the Western and Northern Emirates

23. Take a road trip to see the rest of the Arabian Gulf

24. Cross into Saudi Arabia

25. Take Grace and Sophia to Disney

26. Own a grill and a kitchenaid mixer

27. Learn how to make matchboos (a local rice and chicken or fish dish)

28. Watch all 21 James Bond movies

29. Take a calligraphy class together

30. Attend a marriage conference


Emily Powell said...

Good list...and I'm 27. I hate it! If feels so old :(

Cara said...


The Taffs said...

Hope you had a happy birthday! This is a great list!

Tori said...

What a great list! You'll have to keep us posted when you accomplish these <3

Unknown said...

I am sure you can accomplish many of these! Happy birthday for 2 days ago!

Lauren said...

great list! I'm glad you're taking advantage of being in somewhere so different than the States...I'm sure there's much to take in!

Callie said...

I love your list! I think I need to make a short-term goal list like this too - I have my bucket list, but even that needs updating and adjusting, I think!

Natalie said...

I love how you combined yours and your husband's bucket list ideas...and ahhh to be 26 again!!!

Tami said...

Ok, so I'm thinking you should bring Grace and Sophia to DisneyLAND so that we can see y'all! ;)