Sunday, March 17, 2013

This and That

Did This:

A DIY project that didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to, but is good enough for now. I wanted to paint it all black. I read on pinterest an article on how to paint laminate furniture and then headed out confidently to the hardware store. All hopes were shattered when the man behind the counter would NOT sell me black paint once I told him what I was doing. He insisted that I would have to sand, stain, and seal the project.

Well, jokes on him because it looks awful. Ha.

No, it looks okay, as long as the full sun doesn't hit it, and then you can still see straight though the black stain. And also, that black stain looks mighty green.

But with the curtains drawn it looks wonderful!

Free table and chairs but are very colorful and very banged up.

Table and chairs that fit in better with an adult space

And underneath, a felt board!
Would you like me a little less if I told you that I "Tom Sawyer"ed up this project by having the neighborhood kids sand it down for me? The first time I brought it out they all oohed and ahhed over me sanding it so I passed out some paper and they went to town! I had to sand it on 3 other occasions and they would all come running out of their houses to help.

Cooked That:

Snapped This:

Left to Right, Row 1: Love the Dubai skyline! Grace in her bear "hat." Playing hide-and-go-seek with Daddy, he's under the rug! Row 2: Boots! Potty Training in style. Sophia asleep in my arms- so rare! Row 3: Trike and Daddy's hat. Smiles from Sophia. Dancing with Momma (and yes, my pants are literally falling off of me.) Row 4: Grace's first Tea Party with Momma. Sophia practicing rolling. Grace going test driving with Daddy.

Watched This:

I've been running through Bones episodes like they are going out of style. So much so that when I went to wipe the counter and sprayed some cleaner on it, and a bright red spot appeared, my first thought was "blood! A crime most have been committed here!" instead of the logical conclusion that some kool aid powder was on the counter.

Maybe I should step away from the crime dramas for a little bit.

Bought That:

Okay, it might not really count as me buying it, but my birthday package from my parents arrived a couple of weeks ago. Inside were the final two Harry Potter movies that we had not seen!

Loving This:

Productivity and schedules. I've really been struggling to find a good balance and it is finally starting to come together! Alot of trial and error is going into finding a balance between productivity and slothfulness so that I do not over extend myself and so that I don't sit around on the computer all day.

Captured That:

First ponytail

First bite of rice cereal

A quiet moment with a neighbor friend. Grace adores our neighbor kids!

First time to lick the beater!


Tami said...

Skinny minnie!! You look amazing girlie! Your hard work is definitely paying off. I think the table looks great and I love the idea of painting it black to fit in with the rest of the decor. The girls both look they are growing so much!

Lyndsey said...

I think the table looks great, and what a neat idea to put a felt board underneath! I might have to steal that idea :)

And is it just me or does Grace look super old in the last set of pictures?! I don't know if it's the dress or what, but she looks so big!

Cara said...

I loved that you discovered a crime after watching Bones. ;) And Grace's first ponytail is adorable! :)

Unknown said...

That table makeover is fantastic! What a great job! Love that bear hat and the first pony tail and bite of rice cereal shots are just precious!