Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter in the Middle East

 We had a long Easter weekend here. It started on Thursday when a package from my parents arrived with some Easter and birthday treats arrived for Grace and Sophia. Grace tasted a Peep but decided they weren't for her. I don't blame her...the texture has always weirded me out.

Friday is our day of worship out here, so we all got dressed up and went to church. The girls looked precious in their pink. Grace wore a new dress and shoes from my parents and Sophia wore the outfit that Grace wore for her baby dedication.

 The rest of our Easter weekend continued on Saturday evening, post birthday party bash, when we headed to a picnic our church was hosting at a park. The kids played and the adults chatted before there was a craft (decorating an Easter bag) and then an egg hunt. This was Grace's first egg hunt so she didn't really get the concept. She walked around saying "Where are you egg?" and then when she found one, "There you are!" She was happy with just the one egg!

Since we had some friends in from out of town, we headed to one of the few Mexican restaurants. It's at a hotel and is on a golf course/beach and you can sit outside on the deck and there is a playground for the kids, it's just great.
 Grace appreciated the fajitas. I did NOT appreciate the fact that she, um, got sick to her stomach while on the playground and tracked it all the way through the hotel lobby. So much for a clean Easter dress! Luckily my friend had an extra outfit and it fit Grace.

 Easter morning we had a quick breakfast and had the kids explore their Easter baskets. We don't go overboard on gifts or candy, but each girl got a book (one on animals, one on colors,) a treat (Grace got dried apples and a juice box, and Sophia got some carrots) and I also got Grace her own set of silverware.
 Grace was very excited about her juice box. For some reason we don't do juice very often, just milk or water, so Grace is all about a juice box that is all hers!

Us and our house guests loaded up and went to the beach on Easter. We snapped a quick photo before getting in the water.

 And watched as the men went out on the bridge and jumped into the water! It took them all awhile to make the leap and jump off, but they had fun once they did! Also, this would be a perfect example of peer pressure.
 Grace played in the sand and water and I had my hands full with a sleeping Sophia.

 All of the kiddos at the beach. We have a great group of kids, from 6 months to 6 years!

 While our guests headed to Ikea, Ian and I went home, got the girls bathed and put down for naps, and started on brunch. We made bacon, quiche, fruit salad, and waffles. Our friends came back and we had a great meal before they had to hit the road.
 The kids table was my favorite! I can't believe I am old enough to have a kids table at my Easter brunch. The paper had eggs drawn on it and the kids "decorated" eggs with crayons and stickers while they waited for food or to be done.

We had such a great time with our friends this Easter! I would love to make it a tradition to be able to be with this group of people each year! Who knows where we will all be in one year but it would be so much fun!


Emily Powell said...

They both look so pretty in their easter clothes but oh my goodness...Sophia looks like a doll! And Grace is getting some hair! Love it!

Unknown said...

I know they're sisters but it's crazy how alike Grace and Sophia are physically! Sounds like you guys had a lovely Easter!!!

Lauren said...

so precious! your girls look adorable in their Easter dresses!

Lyndsey said...

Both girls looks precious in pink! I love the sound of an Easter brunch and now I am craving all of that food :)

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, your girls look so cute in their pink dresses! I love it! I also don't like Peeps, so I am with you on that one! :)

Alison H said...

Peeps are weird. Agreed. And… I'm jealous.