Monday, April 8, 2013

This and That

Snapped This
This was a rather pictureless week. We recovered from having three different families of guests over a four day period by washing alot of linens and promising not to cook for a couple of days. Sophia started sitting up without support and she finally remembered how to roll over. Grace seemed to take off in her language ability, really using descriptive words like hot, cold, light, heavy, happy, sad, and pretty. She also has a sudden interest in sign language and it has reminded me how sponge like these baabies' minds are when they are little!

Celebrated That

Three years out of the US of A. I'm not really sure if we are "celebrating" this, but three years ago, on April 7th, 2010, Ian and I got on an airplane and left our home country for a new adventure. We haven't set foot back in America since then, which is hard to believe! When we left the USA we had been married for (almost) 2 years and were not pregnant with Grace. This summer, when we come back for a little bit, we'll be returning being married for over 5 years with TWO children! Crazy.

Read This

I finished reading Insurgent, by Veronica Roth. I can't believe I have to wait until the fall for the third and final book to be released! I'm also anticipating the release of Sophie Kinsella's new book this spring.

Watched That

More Bones and New Girl, but also alot of cooking shows, specifically MasterChef. Is that on in the States? It's Australian and I love it. I also watched an entire episode of the Bold and the Beautiful with my Arabic speaking neighbor. It was an odd moment for me. 1.) because she couldn't understand what was being said, and 2.) because all she could understand was what was shown (elicit relationships, violence, etc) and I think she thinks that is what life is like for all Americans. Ha!

Baked This

Grace's Birthday rolled around and I realized that I hadn't really planned to do anything on her actual birthday. I whipped up this fast and simple cinnamon bun cake and it was delicious! We had a great time as a family, just hanging out and focusing on play that day.
Bought That

Shoes. For Ian. Because his flip flops have a hole straight through the sole of it. Like, a hole bigger than two quarters. And it's been that way for over 4 months! All of the stores had winter things though (because OBVIOUSLY our Abu Dhabi winter requires parkas, gloves, and wool lined boots,) and we couldn't replace his leather flip flops until just now. Actually, we could replace them, but the only thing we could find would be the sandals that have heels. Yes. A men's sandal. And we just couldn't stomach that. Call me old fashioned.

I've been mulling over my desire to have a new hobby. I'm not sure what to do or what I want to do, but I know I want to pick something up. Maybe sewing/embroidering? I could get a machine while we are in the States? Maybe more consistent blogging? Ha. Who knows!


Emily Powell said...

I just love that first picture!

Natalie said...

Sophia is SUCH a doll!!

Tami said...

Sophia is just beautiful!! She looks so big! You know what's so funny, we also left the States in April 2010- I think we were around the 8th or 9th though. I still cannot believe you guys haven't been back. I am so excited for you! I loved Divergent and Insurgent too. I can't wait for the next one to come out!

Cara said...

With Sophia's little hand stuck up there under her chin, that might be the cutest picture I have ever seen! What a darling! Waiting on the last Divergent book, as well! :)