Friday, April 19, 2013

Well, I Suppose Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Ten days later. I'd like to say that I've sat down to blog several times but it just hasn't happened. It has been a complete mad house around here.

We went on a trip. Our friends came back from the States and finally found a house and were moving in, so we took a six hour road trip and helped them unpack.

It was really good to see our friends and just share life with people we love.

Sophia gave us one glorious, full night of sleep. We're hoping it's more a habit than a rarity. But, I promised myself to start working out when she sleeps through the night, so I'm a little hesitant to wish for that. 

Because, let's face it, I'm in no shape to get back into shape.

Grace is in a 2 year old funk. She has this perpetual whine going on and it is a relief when she is back to her sweet, cuddly self. It's really only bad when she is around older kids (who use the words "No," or "Mine," liberally.)

 It was 109 degrees here today. One Hundred and Nine. And it is only April. And it's not a dry heat, we have high humidity here on top of that.

This summer might kill me.
 I got to snuggle my friend's new son, Baby Will, who Grace refers to as "Baby We-ill" all day long. He is 3 months old, so chill, and is bigger than Sophia already!

On the day that we drove back, we got in at 7 pm and Ian had to run out right away and pick up our house guests from the airport at 8! We had fun showing them around Abu Dhabi but especially enjoyed the moment when Grace slipped under the rope at the Grand Mosque and went on a running spree and had to be chased by a security guard.

Awesome parenting moment.

She makes friends with everyone though, so that helps makes up for it a little bit.

Our guests even let us go out one night, so we got our date night in for the year, ha. We really need to find a babysitter.

Would that statement be funnier with a hashtag? Let's see.


We had a serious case of the miscommunication this morning. I got up, showered, did my hair, and got ready for church. I came downstairs and told Ian he could go shower. He came back downstairs a while later in shorts and a t shirt and when I asked why he wasn't getting ready for church, he said that he didn't realize we were going! I asked why he thought I told him to shower and he said that maybe I thought he smelled! Ha. Grace and I went on while Ian stayed home with a sleeping Sophia.

And now, just 24 hours after our last guests left, we have new ones arriving in the morning. Woohoo.


Tami said...

109 already! That is one thing I definitely won't miss! At least you won't be there for the whole summer, right? I still hope you guys make it out this way. What a fun reunion that would be. Grace looks so big!! I love her sweet little bathing suit.

Emily Powell said...

LOVE that Grace got chased by security. That's awesome!

Callie said...

Wyatt does that "perpetual whine" too. I'm sure they'll grow out of it. I can't get over how much Grace and Sophia look alike! I saw that first picture of Sophia and thought it was an old picture of Grace!