Friday, May 31, 2013

Did You Notice?

Did you notice?

There was something different about Sophia in her 8 month post.

Did you spot the difference in her?

She got her ears pierced!

We meant to get it done when she was six months old, like we did with Grace, but the time has just slipped by us! We choose to get our daughters' ears pierced at an early age, rather than letting them do it later in life for several reasons:

1.) Mine were done as an infant and I am so thankful that I never had to choose that on my own. I've seen so many girls and teenagers stress themselves out after seeing other girls with earrings. They want them, they know it is going to be painful, and some girls hem and haw for months or years until they finally work up the courage! This way it's already done and they will never have a memory of that pain! Also, I think it's not as painful when you are little (or you can't be as dramatic, either way.)

2.) It's really culturally appropriate here. Most baby girls get their ears pierced at birth or shortly after.
Not really a reason, but this is a bonus. It would make me think twice if we would really stick out.

I was shocked when doing some research. I found out that there is some people out there who despise when babies get their ears pierced. They talked about how it shows you are of low socio economic status and how trashy it is. I was really heartbroken. I couldn't believe people could say and think that about a baby! I was hurt even more when I read about how they thought the parents were horrible human beings for harming their child.

Anyways. The government here change the law between when Grace got hers done and when we did Sophia's, so you can only get your ears pierced in a hospital with a doctor. We went and saw an ENT who was able to do Sophia's ear piercing.

We were lead into the exam room after choosing her earrings (heart shaped with a little "diamond" in the middle.)
 The doctor cleaned the ear and then marked the point for the hole and had me approve it.

 Sophia couldn't figure out why they were touching her ears! She wanted to make eye contact and laugh with the nurse!

 Then the doctor used the little ear gun and we paused between ears to soothe her. She cried longer than Grace did, but only for a minute. Since then, she's been fine! She hasn't pulled on them or cried or anything!
 I love that all of us Galloway girls have this in common now! Grace was with us in the room and she freaked out when Sophia started crying, but Grace has a big doctor phobia anyways.

 Pretty baby! I just love her little earrings on her tiny, little ears!


Callie said...

She looks so pretty with her ears pierced! I think it is so cute, and you have really good reasons for wanting them pierced now. People can be so rude! I'll probably wait to do Gwen's because my mom really built up the experience as my birthday present when I turned 9, and it was a good memory! So I'll try to do the same thing with Gwen I think.

Unknown said...

I agree with Callie, she looks adorable! And I have no idea why it is seen as have a low socio-ecominic status if babies have their ears pierced?! I had mine done when I was 5.

Emily Powell said...

People judge for any and all reasons. Don't worry about it. I think it's cute but Jonathan wants to wait until she can ask for it so that we can make a big deal about it. I didn't really have an opinion so I just went with his thoughts. Sophia looks beautiful as always!

Anonymous said...

You're such a smart mommy for piercing her ears early. She'll thank you later. We did our three girls early! This is a perfect age when mommy cares for them and they heal up great.

Our ped encouraged me to have it done early for our dd. Her office didn't do piercing, but she gave me some suggestions for moms wanting their dd's ears pierced. They included how to find the right person, place and type of recommended earrings for infants.

Any moms on the fence or wanting some info, I'll be happy to send them to you...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to include my e-mail for any moms needing info.

Sonya said...

I admit I can't watch little ones get their ears pierced, but I'm not against it. I could have had mine done at any time as a child but didn't do it until I was 16 and only because I wanted to wear earrings from prom! I was too chicken to do it before that even though it's really not that bad. I've always heard if you pierce ears (and have little girls wear bows) at a young age they are less likely to bother them or have issues as they get older. She looks precious!