Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Eight Months, Sophia!

Eight months old. Wow. She has been with us for two thirds of a year now!

(and just so you know that I am no math whiz, I originally wrote 3/4 of a year. Please, God, let her be more gifted than I am in that area.)

I never got around to writing her 7 month post, but I blame that on a month of illness in our house. Luckily, not much happened in that month. Except, you know, her starting to sleep through the night. No biggie. Sometime after our onslaught of visitors, We dropped her middle of the night feeding, and made sure she got an afternoon and an evening bottle on top of nursing, and that did the trick! 7 pm until 6 am, without a peep!

This month, however has been full of changes!

Height and Weight- unknown
Clothes- Moved up to 6-9 months a day before her 8 month birthday
Diaper- still size 2, which is the size above newborn here! She has a tiny waist!

Sophia has continued to sleep well through the night, but has started waking up earlier, usually around 5:30-6 am. That's a little too early for my taste. I'm not sure if it's because of teething, learning to scoot, or the earlier summer sunrise. Usually if we move her downstairs to the dark office she will fall right back asleep for at least another hour, so I'm guessing it's the early sun. Black out curtains are in her future.

She usually naps an hour after she gets up, then when Grace naps both times, and then a short nap in the evening.

8-9 am Nap
10 am-12 Nap when Grace naps
2 pm- 4 pm Nap when Grace naps
5 pm - 6 pm Late evening cat nap so I can get dinner ready

The last nap isn't definite, and if we are ever out and about she can stay awake through a whole nap, but when we are home she gets cranky (and probably unstimulated,) alot easier. Anyone else have the same experience?

Sophia nurses as soon as she wakes up from any sleep. Or semi nurses. It's more like wrestling a pig most of the time, but Grace got like this too around this age, always wanting to look around and see what's happening.

She usually only gets fed real food between her first two naps. I have been alot less structured and high maintenance about introducing foods and making and storing a ton. It's not something I need to get stressed about. She has eaten carrots, peas, green beans, pumpkin, yogurt, bananas, apples, mangoes, and blueberries. She's also had couscous, rice, crackers, cereal puffs, bread chunks, and was given coffee (!) by one of my local friends. I know that just sounds crazy to our western ears, but it's totally normal here.

I'm also told on a weekly basis, how I'm doing it all wrong by my local friends. How Sophia NEEDS to be fed honey for her stomach issues. That it is necessary to rub castor oil on her head to get thicker darker hair (never mind the fact that Arabs, in general, have thick, dark hair genetically.) And how she should and could be eating anything right now. I've learned to smile and nod, not get upset when they shove something in my child's mouth, and remove her from situations that I think could be dangerous for her health.

Sophia also gets a formula bottle at her 12, 4, and 6 pm awake periods. She loves them and can hold them all by herself!


This month, Sophia became really good at sitting on her own, rolling over to get to something, holding her own bottle, and loves to squeal/yell. Just at the end of this month she started scooting on her belly backwards and maneuvered from belly/crawling position up into the sitting position!

She also sprouted her first tooth, her bottom middle left one. The bottom middle right is just about to pop through as well, but hasn't yet.

She loves being upside down (weirdly,) playing peek-a-boo, chewing on toys, and gets freaked out/terrified when I dance with Grace (who can blame her?).

She also stayed in church nursery for the first time by herself and had two babysitters this month! Woohoo for date nights!

She is completely off of her reflux medicine.

*She is a very grabby baby, we can't sit with her at a table at all because she will struggle and fight just to pull everything to her!
*She hasn't shown any dislike for the foods we gave her but she did make a sour face at the local yogurt (like Greek yogurt but saltier and sour ish.
*Grace still calls Sophia, "So-So" or "Fia" and often even combines it into "Fia, So-So," but doesn't say Sophia very often. She even called her "Skeena," short for Ma-skeena, which means poor and pitiable. You say this instead of saying "bless your heart," or other phrases.
*Sophia makes an ear piercing scream just because she's bored, and does it especially when she is in the car. Fun times.
*Sophia was sick for the first time this month- Pink Eye! It was not an enjoyable experience to pin her down and pry open her little eyes to put drops in. Poor baby.
*Sophia loves to be tickled

I love my baby Sophia! This is the beginning of one of my favorite ages! Between 6-12 months, they really start to take off in learning, growing, and developing!


Cara said...

Ha ha ha! There's an Arabic "bless your heart" phrase! I love it. :D Btw, I'm heading to Jrdn in July to work with Syr1an refugees!!!

Lyndsey said...

I just love her little scrunched up face in the last picture! And I feel ya on the early riser thing - Liam is usually up by 6-6:30 - not my favorite time of the day to be awake!