Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This Week

This week is just one of those weeks. I'm going to chalk it up to an ugly case of the "May's," but I am not entirely sure that is fair since we are only 8 days into this month.

Grace has pink eye. It's fabulous. I have no idea where she got it and am shocked how fast it set in. We went to Tuesday morning Bible study and she had a little bit of eye goop, but I just thought allergies. 2 hours later when we pulled into our driveway her left eye was almost swollen shut and was nasty. Thankfully the hospital got us in to see the ophthalmologist right away.

And yes, I'm sure all of the mom's at the Bible study are super pleased that I brought Grace that morning. But I swear I had no idea!

She looks like she got into a bar fight though, poor baby.

And trying to explain "highly contagious," and "don't let Sophia lick your eye," to a 2 year old? Not happening.

Little known fact- I had a reoccuring case of pink eye for 7 months my 7th grade year that ended with me in the ER at summer camp because my eyes swelled shut. Fun. Turns out, the silly putty that I played with during class lectures was a major germ carrier.

Add on top of that some unanswered questions about my husband's job and we are just stressed out. I may have rented two Nicholas Sparks movies to drown my sorrows in. Ian's played soccer two nights in a row. Which, if you know Ian and his complete disdain for soccer, you would understand it is a little out of character.

Moving on to something else...

We've finally graduated to grown up coffee drinking status. We have like coffee and appreciated it for a couple of years (make that since Grace was born and we needed the caffeine!) but were fine with just drinking instant coffee (they do that alot here.) We broke down and bout a french press, beans, and a coffee grinder though when we had our string of guests last month. You can only deal with so many death stares at 7 am when you offer instant coffee.

Also, we need a date night. Badly. I tried to arrange one tonight but our Filipino babysitter and I had a miscommunication over the phone. Boo. Maybe next month?


Tami said...

Oh girl, I'm SO sorry! I can totally feel your pain because E has had a nasty cold all week and we have been stuck in the house! I will be praying for you guys regarding Ian's job. I know it's so scary when the future is not set in stone. Yay for a french press! We drink instant coffee in a pinch but it just doesn't compare to the real stuff! ;)

Callie said...

Oh my gosh, your pink-eye story is crazy! And poor Grace. Hopefully it clears up fast.

Alison H said...

Definite date night in June... That can be arranged! Pink eye stinks! Boo. Soccer? Sheesh. That bad, huh? Love you all and praying for you!

The Barker's said...

French press coffee is so yummy! We have that in our house!

Liz McQueen said...

I think we may have been among some of those 7am death stares... At least R was. I can handle the 3-in-1... Plan a date night next wk when you are closer.... Plus we owe you like a wk of dates!!! Would love to have the girls here!!!