Friday, June 7, 2013

Five Years of Writing

Five years ago, I sat down at the keyboard of my college laptop and breathed in.

It was just 10 days before I was going to get married and I wanted to chronicle my life and have a way to express myself through those early days of marriage life. I had read several blogs for months and was addicted to how they would forever have moments of time captured in the lyrics of their lives melody.

My first three posts were not much of anything, just getting my feet under me really. A New Beginning quoted Proverbs 31 and gave the backstory for my blog title and url (Far More Than Rubies and Witheagerhands.) A Deep Breath...And Begin was my first stream of conscious post and was followed by my nearly panicked A First post about moving my things to our apartment and getting it set up for when we returned from our honeymoon.

I love those early day posts. So simple. So like me. List making. Planning. Dreaming. A heaping portion of sarcasm with a side of irony. I loved to share my funny moments and learned to really laugh at myself during that first year.

Funny how much I still enjoy writing. I may not have a ton of readers, but I love all of you who faithfully stop by. I don't do ads or giveaways or sponsors, but my blog is where I can share with family and friends, both near and far about what is going on in our lives.

I invest in my family by taking part of my down time in the evenings and chronicling our lives. I have no clue how long this will go on but I am so thankful that technology allows for this.

And I am ever so thankful for five years of YOU, the readers. You give me advice, pray for us, encourage me, and make me laugh with your comments. A community that I never expected to partake in.

So, here's to five more years of blogging. Of laughing over, crying about, and sharing the joy that is my life with my family.

I'd love to hear from you....How long have you been reading Far More Than Rubies?


Emily Powell said...

SO glad you started! Love getting to know you and your family!

Tami said...

Happy 5 Years, sweet friend! I enjoyed reading those first posts. And I am SO very thankful that you decided to start blogging 5 years ago because I would never met you and your precious family otherwise!

Jessica said...

I've loved keeping up with you and your family the past few years! Happy Blogiversary :-)

Rachel and John said...

Yay for 5 years! I started reading when you were living in British Columbia! I've loved every one of your posts!

Sonya said...

Happy 5 years! I have no idea when I started reading. I think it was right about the time you were moving overseas.

Alison H said...

I've been reading for 3 years! wow. 3 years! And it's how we first "met!" I LOVE IT! And I love you!

Emily said...

Love you blog. Been reading for 3 years

Emily said...

Love your blog. Been reading for three years.

Kelli said...

Love reading your life and hearing all your thoughts. Love watching the girls grow and change. Keep it up~can't wait to see you!