Thursday, August 1, 2013

Five on Friday

First of all, it's August. In case you didn't know.

That one is just a freebie.

1.) I tried two new Pinterest recipes yesterday and they were both amazing. The Easy One-Pot Pasta was just as it sounds...easy (oh my, so simple!) and delicious. It is a new staple in our house. So many veggies and so many taste possibilities. And it's relatively "healthy." You know, besides the pasta part, ha!

The Pina Colada Cake was super simple and very tasty. Moist and cold it's perfect for a summer barbecue or for a Labor Day picnic at the end of this month!

2.) Also, as a side note, a pet peeve of mine that has surfaced in the last couple of months is when people call a recipe healthy when really they should just be saying "It's not as bad as it could be." I get a laugh when someone puts some dessert recipe up on pinterest and it might have all sorts of sugar and flour in it but because it has no oil or butter in it they'll say something like, "And it's healthy!"

I'm not really sure if that counts as a pet peeve or not, maybe just an annoyance. 

3.) Grace is changing so much! Her vocabulary grows every day and she is constantly surprising me with new phrases and things you can do. A big milestone for her this week is that she will finally sit still for short books! We've been keeping a pile of library books on the coffee table and reading them before and after naps and sleeping!

4.) We're getting settled into the house here. It feels like much as a home that is not yours and furnishings that is not yours can.

5.) I'm in a crafty mood but I really don't know what I want to make. I'm thinking I should make some small, light weight projects for our next house that I can take back with us in suitcases. Things like decor or preschool supplies. Any ideas? My mom has a cricut that I can use and I want to take advantage of all of the craft stores nearby!


Tami said...

How about some simple file folder games for Grace? I have a few and Emerson loves them. She doesn't really get the full concept of them but she loves to sit and play with them.

Rachel and John said...

Grace looks so tall in that last photo! I'm not crafty so sadly I don't have any ideas for you. My friend used her cricut to make me Henry's birthday banner. Maybe you could make 2 birthday banners for when you need them?

Emily Powell said...

I like to use my cricut with vinyl. It's really simple. And, I've been dying to try that pasta recipe! Glad it worked for y'all :)

Alison said...

They are just so precious, Brittney!!! So glad that ya'll are back in the US for awhile!!! :)