Friday, September 13, 2013

Five On Friday

It seems that Five on Friday is my only reliable writing that is getting done these days! I love the ability to be random and wrap up the week.

{one} Well, it finally happened. After a nearly two year power struggle (quite literally,) with my laptop's power cord, it actually snapped in two when I plugged it in this week. I've ordered a new cord and I hope that it will put an end to this battle. The computer is in perfect working order but without a power source it is pretty useless. If the cord has to be wiggled and held in place like the last one then we will get all of my files off of the computer and look into something different.

{two} The Funk.

That's what Sophia and I had all week. I really thought we might be coming down with Grace's croup but it never turned into that, thank goodness. Sophia was pretty pathetic though. Every time she would cough she would look at me like "Mom! Can't you stop this? Help me!"

Poor baby girl.

{three} This is our last weekend in Tennessee. How did that happen? Where did the time go? We're trying to cram the weekend in with as much family and football in as possible all the while packing up a house and getting it ready for the next resident. Crazy.

{four} I'm on week six of Couch to 5k. Woo hoo! I hung out on week five for awhile since I was dreading the twenty minute run challenge day. I finally did it and was so proud of myself for completing that but then the funk set in and seeing as I could not breathe, running was not an option. I started back and am psyched that I am getting to the point where I can actually think about running faster and further instead of just surviving.

Happy Birthday to the best father in law! We are excited to see you in a few, short weeks! 

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