Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Different Kind of Vacation

We are at a convention for a couple of days.

Two days of mind numbingly boring shifts, sitting at a table, and answering a few questions.

Two days of getting up early and rushing out the door.

Two days of having to put my introverted self aside and be "on," all day long.

But, those two days are without kids!

And we get to stay in a hotel (hotel stays are my love language. Like, times ten. Seriously, if you want to gift us with a hotel stay, that would be amazing. Or a beach house. Either way.)

And I don't have to cook dinner!

Or breakfast! Or lunch!

So this, to us, is that anniversary getaway that we didn't get to have earlier this year.

I jokingly said to Ian "Well, we may not have been able to squeeze in that marriage retreat during our time in the States but at least we got to go on vacation together!"

So we laugh until we cry when we get so bored sitting at the table at the conference, we sit for hours in the silence of our hotel room, watched movies on our laptops, and got to hold hands while walking around (because we aren't holding babies, diaper bags, or pushing a stroller.)

So, though most would deem this a business trip, we say it's a romantic getaway for two!

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Emily Powell said...

it's all about perspective ;)