Sunday, November 10, 2013

Coffeehouse Chat

You know those days when life feels like it is moving full speed ahead and you and just running after it yelling "Wait for me! I'm supposed to be driving this thing?"

Yeah, it's been an entire month like that. Since the day we packed up our Tennessee home, hit the road for my cousin's wedding, went to a conference, vacationed at my sister's place, then moved down to our house in Orlando, nothing has been calm and still.

Friends, I wish I could meet you for coffee. I wish we could sit still and lean over warm, steaming mugs of deliciousness while sharing what is going on.

And if I am already listing what I wish for, I'd add to that list that I wish for time to stand still for a week or so and for a box of donuts to appear magically before me.

Seeing as none of that is realistic, I'd settle for an afternoon of catching up on blogs and exchanging texts and phone calls with my in real life people.

But, for a moment, let's pretend we are sitting in the moody atmosphere of your local Starbucks. I'd be drinking a Grande Caramel Macchiato and you would be drinking, well, only you know that answer.

I'd sigh and take a swig of my warm comfort before telling you that my time in the States is over two thirds done. That we have November and December left and then that is it! Back on the plane to the place we call home in Abu Dhabi.

I'd say that I can't wait to go but I am dreading leaving, all in one emotion. I wish there was a word for that.

I might even lay my head down on the table and cry, telling you about how Ian's job hunt is in full swing and everything (and I mean everything!) is resting on him getting a job that will start around February 1st. The stress of that alone is doing a good job of shaking us to our cores.

I'd sit up right and tell you about our medical woes. About how although we are healthy(Praise God!), we still have to jump through ridiculous medical hoops to have clearance to move back overseas. Perhaps I'd perk up and tell you that Sophia is solidly sleeping through the night and is completely weaned from formula and her reflux medicine. And I'd sheepishly tell you that the bottle and Grace's pacifier are still around.

And then I'd say, "That's it! Not much. What about you?" Because isn't that what we always say after baring our hearts to the ones we love?

Here is my pain and my frustration, but this too shall pass.
Thanks for the listening ear!
Your turn!

And what would you say? Would you lean in, with wide eyes to tell big news? Would you fidget mindlessly as you thought of anything interesting?

Well, whatever it is, I do hope one day we can share that coffee.


MLD said...

I wish I could be a fly on the wall, to see the wonderful things that you and your family are getting to experience, to offer some encouragement, and tell you in person that I'm praying for you. Oh yeah, the coffee, well I'm already sweating and it's only 8am here. I want ICED coffee. And, last thought: time for a bin ceremony for that pacifier!

Alison H said...

Oh love...this is one of my favorite blog entries of all time...of anyone! I love the transparency of it. And I love that I can SEE you and HEAR you as you type it. That I can picture us walking along a dusty path in a hot, sweaty place, passing men who smell better than any man should in such a place talking about things just like this. And living life together. I MISS YOU. I feel your stresses. I understand your woes about comfort items and I don't judge. Do what you can to survive these last two months... and maybe the next one after that, too. :)

And, boy do I understand that mixed up feeling. Boy do I. I still feel it. Get back on home so we can feel it in the same time zone, mmmkay? Love you.

Alison H said...

Oh drink? A white chocolate peppermint mocha. (Yes, we'd have to be in Amreeka for me to have my idea drink)

And I'd tell you about how I SAVED a man's life today! After jumping off a 30 foot cliff into a deep pool in a wadi.

Oh wait, I already texted you all that... :)

We also swam through a teeny tiny opening in the rocks to get to a CAVE at the end of the wadi!

It was an amazing day!!!

Then we'd talk about...Jesus...and what he's teaching me these days. And I ask you what he's teaching you!

I could go on...and on...and on...and on....

Lauren said...

Well I would first of all order a hazelnut hot chocolate because this girl doesn't do coffee...and I'd tell you to not sweat the pacifier issue, that we got rid of Elyse's by clipping the end of it and she was a happier girl all around once it finally disappeared a week or so later...and I'd tell you that the fact that we really want to move but don't know where is kind of stressing me out...and that I'm ready to have another baby, but I want it to happnen, like NOW...and then you'd tell me to wait on God's timing because his timing is perfect when mine is obviously so NOT!

But mostly it'd just be fun to sit together with you and share our experiences as mommas even though we'll probably never meet in real life!

Cindy said...

I've been lurking and following and reading about you and your family for years now (since sometime around Grace's birth I think?) and I'd love to meet you in real life and have that cup of coffee, except I'm in PA! Oh well, the blog world will have to do :) And yes, it will all work out!

Kelli said...

I would say the word you are looking for might be "bittersweet" - the wanting to stay but wanting to go? I would lean over my cup of decaf coffee while we sit at my kitchen table and say that we are so proud of you and your beautiful family, and remind you that God loves you and He will provide for you as always. He's always faithful. Keep believing and loving and serving and everything will be just fine. And...keep writing because I love to read your blog. Enjoy each day, my little minion. :)

Tami said...

I love everything about this! It's been so long since I've sat with a dear friend in a coffee shop and shared my heart and soul the way you did here. I miss you, friend, and I hope we get to meet up again someday!