Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Little Piece of Heaven

We spent a long weekend up in the North Georgia mountains with Ian's grandparents. Their house and property are, what we consider, our very own little piece of heaven.

We've visited them up here as often as possible since we've been married. We've been able to see all the different seasons and get to enjoy Pop and Mimi's company. Since we've been in the States we have passed through their area three times, but this weekend was the longest of our visits.

We spent lazy afternoons tromping through misty grasses and exploring all the nooks and crannies of Mimi's extensive gardens (there are approximately 7 swings and a dozen rockers around the property. And, of course, Grace had to try each and every one out!)

We got to wear warm coats and boots and pretend that this was "normal" for us for a moment. We explained mountains, deers, trees, and boulders to Grace and Sophia.

On our first full afternoon we took the girls to the nearby Cabbage Patch Kids Baby Hospital to explore the dolls and to pick out a doll for each girl, a gift from their great grandparents.

There were hundreds of dolls in that place, and you could plop one in a baby stroller and run around and play! It was a definite collector's paradise. I'm more of an American Girl Doll person myself, so I was a little mystified by the grown women sitting on the floor, gushing over a doll, but to each their own, right?

We returned the next afternoon to check out a Christmas festival and to see the "live delivery," of a cabbage patch baby. It was cute/creepy all at the same time. Grace liked it though and talked about how she got to see a baby "come out," all day!

I'm just hoping we didn't scar her for life!

Our favorite part of Ian's grandparents mountain home is the guest apartment that is attached to the house. We have these amazing views from our bed and it is just the most relaxing place! We always feel so rested after some time here. I just wish we had come when it was slightly warmer so that we could have gotten some hiking in!

Our original purpose for going up there, besides to see Pop and Mimi, was for Ian and his Dad to be able to go to a University of Georgia (UGA,) football game in Athens, GA. It was one of the items on our 30 before 30 list and Ian was so excited to have landed some sweet seats. They had a blast at the game and won!

We were able to snap a four generation picture on Sunday, before church. Grace, Ian's dad, Ian's Pop, Sophia, and Ian, made up a four generation picture of Galloways! Such a special moment!

And we snuck in one more picture with Mimi and Pop. Poor Mimi had just had a knee replacement surgery two weeks before hand so she was, obviously, not feeling the best. She was a trooper though! She loved on the girls and entertained them when they came running into her room.


Unknown said...

I love those views! How wonderful to wake up to.

Alison H said...

so... is this amazing piece of heaven rentable to your amazing friends when they come to the USA? :) Looks so fun!