Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Grace's First Haircut...Pixie Dust Style

Grace's hair didn't really start growing until after her second birthday. With our impending trip to the States and knowing that we would have season passes to Disney, I really wanted Grace to be able to have her first haircut done at Disney, so I held out for months!

Finally, after unsuccessfully scheduling an appointment (they were booked for two months!) I asked my father in law to pop in and see if they had any room for a walk in. We were on the monorail on our way to the Magic Kingdom and when my father in law texted, saying there was room, I was so excited!

Grace wasn't nervous but was a little uneasy about everyone looking at her and taking pictures! The nice ladies in the barbershop were so sweet to Grace, gave her a light up toy to play with, and sat her in a chair. She wet her her a little, trimmed it, and saved a little curl lock (what am I supposed to do with that? It kind of grosses me out.)

She got a pair of Mickey Ears that say First Haircut, we snapped a picture, and then she asked Grace if she wanted "Princess hair."

A bun on top of her head, some hairspray, and some cute sparkles/confetti later and we had one happy toddler with Princess Hair!
We were so excited that Ian's parents got to share in this special "First" moment with us and loved how big our Grace looked with her hair pulled up!

I loved our experience here and would recommend it to anyone thinking about getting their child's first haircut done at Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street in Magic Kingdom!

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Emily Powell said...

This is so cute! G is getting her first big hair cut this weekend! EEk! I've always wanted her to have long hair but I want it to be full too! So getting it cut!