Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grace's New Year's Interview 2014

We haven't had alot of internet over the last two weeks and I have been trying to post during this time but haven't had alot of luck. Finally, I was able to get a page loaded and hopefully this means I am back in the thick of things! Alot to catch up on, alot of new thoughts.

But first, our first New Year's Interview with Grace....

And, in case you couldn't understand it...

B-What's your name?

B-How old are you?

B-What is your favorite color?

B-What is your favorite juice?
G-Chocolate milk (awesome.)

B-What is your favorite snack?
G-Fruit snacks

B-What is your favorite toy to play with?
G-Kitty-cat (I have no idea what she means.)

B-What is your favorite game to play with Mommy and Daddy?

B-What is your favorite TV Show?
G-Kitty-Cat (again, no clue.)

B-What is your favorite movie?
G-Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story, but she's never really seen it.) No like, Bug's Life (we had a traumatic Bug's life experience at Animal Kingdom.)

B-What is your favorite song?
G-It Is Well! (yes, I know, she's an odd two year old.)

B-When you are a big girl, what do you want to be?
G-(No answer, apparantly she is have a future career crises.)


Lyndsey said...

It may have just been the sound, but does Grace say "nook" for milk too!? Liam does! And I love how she doesn't stop moving the entire video - how do toddlers have SO much energy!?! She's so cute, this was fun to watch!

Emily Powell said...

I loved this. Stealing this idea :)

The Barker's said...

such a great idea! So sweet