Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday

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1.} Valentine's Day- It's obligatory to write a little bit about our day o' love. This one was significantly less romantic than years gone by, mostly because us and our two daughters are living in a hotel room and we don't have a car to go anywhere. So we went to a mall, priced a mixer, had a heart attack, and stayed home the rest of the day! Ian and Grace picked me up some beautiful roses yesterday and the girls and I got Ian some almond stuffed dates (yum!) and cards.

2.} Big Girl Day- Well, it happened. Last night, when we put Grace to bed, we snapped a picture of her and her beloved pacifiers- one in her mouth and one on each pointer finger which she twirls around as she falls asleep. Today, when she woke up, she handed them to me and I hid them away. I could have just thrown them away but I am a little too sentimental right now. We spent the day as she wanted it- Presents in the morning (a 12 piece puzzle which she can finish in less than 2 minutes! a new book, and a thing of Gelli Baff) McDonald's for lunch, cupcakes for dessert, and cereal for dinner. Her nap time was rough, she cried and screamed, got out of bed to play with things in the room, and finally fell asleep. Bed time was semi calmer but she just lay there, like she didn't know how to fall asleep with out them. It was so sad. I'm sure there will be more hard days ahead of us, but this wasn't the worst start to it.

3.}South Beach- We're doing South Beach diet again, or our closest approximation to it. I've said it before and I'll say it again- we love SB for retraining yourself what are normal amounts of carbs/sugars to be consumed. I'm down 10 pounds and feeling alot better and more in control of my eating habits. America, you rocked our world, cuisine wise, but you also made us alot more unhealthy, ha!

4.}Birthday Blues- Do you watch New Girl? If so, there is a recent episode called Birthday that exactly explains how I feel about birthdays. I LOVE them. I think they are so special and that they are magical days. But I have such extremely high expectations for them that I am devastated when my birthday ends up looking nothing like I thought it would. So, I would really much rather be off by myself for the entire day than to be around people with my expectant "Aren't you going to whisk me away by plane to a surprise party at a five star resort?" look plastered all over my face. Please tell me someone else out there understands!

All of that to say: my birthday is on Sunday and Ian has to work. Wah-wah.

So it's me and my girls in our hotel room all day. I'll be the one telling my two year old to sing me happy birthday on repeat.

And also not to wet the bed.


5.}Date Night- It's happening tomorrow night and I'm more anxious than excited.

Random hired babysitter+hotel room+limited English= one very nervous wreck Momma.

But I know how necessary date nights are and living in the city right now gives us the chance to more easily try out this babysitting service. Plus, I arranged the time so that the babysitter gets the girls during the long afternoon stretch and can keep them up until we get home.


Emily Powell said...

LOVE New Girl! Just love it!

Lauren said...

I'm sure Grace will do great with removing the pacifiers...I would say you're over one of the hardest days, and it's the first one.

With Elyse we snipped off the ends so they were "broken" and within a few days she didn't even care about them anymore!

P.S. I still have those old paci's in my kitchen cabinet, I can't hardly stand to throw those nasty things away!

Jessica said...

I have been so bad at blog reading the past few months, but tonight I am catching up! It's always fun to read about your adventures! It sounds like your time in the states was fun (especially the Disney World trips!) and I'm glad you all made it back overseas safe and sound. I can't imagine 2 consecutive 9 hour flights with 2 small girls in tow!

I hope your date night went well!