Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas Concert

The girls' preschool put on an end of the semester concert in December.

Sophia's class was first. They had a more relaxed "concert," than we expected. Basically the class came out and had all of the parents sit on the floor with the kids in front of the stage and then we sang songs together.

It was cute, but with kids sitting in your lap, you couldn't even see your own child! Sophia walked out shy and then just sat on my lap and cuddled with Grace the entire time. It was a big let down but Sophia loved it, after the fact!

Grace's class' concert was several hours later and I wasn't expecting much better than Grace's last concert, in the Spring, where she just sat there and looked around for 30 minutes. I will admit, I bribed Grace with ice cream if she would actually SING during her concert.

Grace ran out with her class, very excited, and started singing well because she was sitting next to one of her closest friends.

Then she got distracted and stopped singing but kept doing the hand motions for awhile. Finally, on the last song or two she started singing again!

The teachers made it "snow," on the students and then the kids had fun picking up Styrofoam pieces for awhile and throwing it on each other. 

We love the girls' school and their teachers are just the sweetest. They are learning so much in a comfortable, caring environment!

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