Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Grace and Sophia: 3.5 and 2

I'm nearly five months late with this little update on the girls, but better late than never, right?


Grace turned 3.5 and on October 2nd and it's been so fun to see what changes have come.

Grace's sleep has improved drastically in the last several months. Because of a medicine that she was on, she was suffering from some big vitamin deficiencies which was causing insomnia. In a 3 year old. It was just awful, mainly because it took us so long to realize it was a medical issue and not a discipline issue. She would lie in bed crying because she couldn't sleep and there was nothing we could do for her. She's back to sleeping for two hours for a nap and close to 12 hours for night time sleep.

She's become a (little) better eater- has willingly said she likes asparagus, tacos, and steak, and knows that when we sit down to eat she is expected to eat what is in front of her.

Grace loves to play but I haven't pegged it down to any particular favorites. She doesn't have one special toy that she loves or one game or activity that the migrates to. She is such a people person that she usually likes doing anything that someone else will do with her. So if it is not Ian or myself, then she will rope her little sister into playing. Lately there is alot of pretending they are sneaky foxes, crawling babies, or stacking and sorting games.

 Grace loves being outside, loves going to school, and loves crafting of any sort. She can easily complete 12 piece puzzles and is ready for 24 pieces. She can almost write her name and she can count to 20. Grace loves Octonauts and Letter Factory shows. She thinks her favorite princess is Snow White, but she's never seen it. I'd guess it's actually Rapunzel or Elsa.

She loves running and is very fast. She can do a somersault all by herself and loves walking on a balance beam (or curb.) She's recently figured out pedaling a bike and I suspect a bike will be her next birthday present. One of her favorite games is to run in the house, leap in the air, and land on her knees on the tile (ouch!) and slide- as long as she's wearing long pants. She gets some good speed and loves doing this, but it drives me crazy.

Grace can put on all of her clothes herself now, but sometimes needs help with her shirt. She loves to cook and we are getting close to being able to do some independent food prep, such as pouring cereal or milk. Grace can empty the silverware and kids dishes all by herself from the dishwasher and helps me move clothes from the washing machine to the dryer. She also wipes down the kids' table after moving the dishes to the sink.

She wears size 3T but I've moved her up to 4T since her sister is fast on her heels. She wears size 8 shoes. She is long and skinny.

She is still my Gracie girl and I love to cuddle her post nap time and tell her she is my first baby!


Oh, Sophia. My little nugget. She is so gosh darn cute. She has a great little voice and talks all the time. She's my cuddly girl and loves to be in my lap, even if it has all but disappeared in these last few months of pregnancy.

Sophia turned two on September 29th and is approaching her half birthday.

She goes to preschool three, half days a week. She is one of the oldest in her class. She can recognize her name and loves to talk about her friend Jumaa, (who I have never seen her interacting with.)

She doesn't have time for eating. She'd rather be playing. She loves playing with our pretend kitchen, Legos, or picnic set. She plays for really long stretches by herself but she loves playing with her sister as well.

She has just figured out how to complete a 12 piece puzzle, with alot of assistance!

Sophia wears size 2T but will move into 3T as soon as we are done with our "winter" clothes. She is in mostly size 6 shoes but I just had to put away 3 pairs that were to tight on her, so size 7 is in our very near future!

Sophia was potty trained in about 3 days after Christmas. She has only had a handful of accidents outside of the home and loves wearing big girl panties like her big sister.

 Sophia naps in her old room but sleeps at night in our second crib in Grace's room. She says to me "no laughing, no singing," when we tuck her in, because she knows she is supposed to be quiet. We sing her the Doxology and Silent Night at her requests.

Sophia has much more of a temper than Grace has ever had. She gets angry and frustrated when she doesn't get her way. She shows alot more attitude, will cross her arms and pout, or say "I don't want to/I don't like it."

 Sophia loves milk. We finally had to cut her off at 2-3 cups a day because it was causing all sorts of attitutde problems if we didn't  get it for her when she wanted it.

She hates getting her hair brushed and loves putting on makeup with Mommy. She loves eating bananas, toast, eggs, and cereal. She is learning how to sort the silverware and likes loading and starting the dishwasher or dryer. Carrying in any grocery bag is immediately met with an "it's too heavy!"

Sophia loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Caillou. She tolerates Grace's choice as well.

I'm so thankful for Sophia and how she is my cuddly girl

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