Monday, May 4, 2015

{Luke} Two Months

Happy Two Months, Luke James!

This past month has been slow and quiet for our little man. Would you believe I actually had to look through my phone pictures to figure out what happened? It was a great month, just not superbly memorable. The girls started back to school and we just were finding our routine as a family of five.

Around five weeks he turned a corner and just started sleeping better and his own schedule fell into place. He feeds every three hours from 6:30 am until 9:30/10:30 pm and then once during the night between 1:30 and 3:30. He is usually up for one hour and then napping for two.

For most of this month he hated being in the car and had a "witching hour," between 3-7 pm. Grace can still settle him with his Wubanub in the car, which is nice.

Luke smiled for the first time on April 2nd, Grace's birthday.

Luke went to the waterpark for the first time (and got sunburn on one side of his face!)

He celebrated Grace's birthday party by sleeping through the entire thing.

He celebrated his first Easter, was a third wheel on a disastrous date with Ian and I, got his passport pictures made, and had his first trip to the US embassy for passport and documents.

I guess there were some memorable things thrown in there after all!

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