Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome, 2016!

Another year closes and I am sitting here reflecting on the past year and the months to come. We rang in the new year in Muscat, Oman, hanging out with good friends and laughing at New Year's past. 

The year has finished so quickly and I feel like I'm scrambling to "finish well," all the while looking forward, setting goals, and asking the Lord what He has in store for us. 

Each year we try to enter into the year with a blank check for our lives for God. Where do You want us? What do You want us to be doing? What do You want us to do with the resources You have provided? 

And every year the answers are clear and, though not entirely conventional for the Western world, predictable enough for us that we can follow willingly and plan out for years to come. 

This year, things are not as clear and straightforward but we rest in the fact that continually looking to the Lord align out will to His will result in good things. 

Last year was the first time in a long time that I didn't set any goals for the year. I think my mindset was just surviving Luke's arrival and adjusting to three little ones while in a foreign country. 

This year I feel like I'm ready to set some personal goals: 

Blogging- I miss it! It's such an easy creative outlet (and free!) I'm obviously not a professional writer and this isn't going to take me anywhere but I love documenting our adventures, both the mundane and the exotic. I'm going to make a big commitment to blogging. The first half of the year I want to blog 2-3 times a week and the second half of the year 3-4 times a week. 

Reading- as the girls get older I am more and more aware of the influences of screens. Their generation is going to have to walk a tight rope between embracing technology and not becoming a slave to it. 

Grace has started reading and I want to keep the momentum and joy of reading alive so I think modeling that will be helpful. I'd love to read 20 books this year (or more!)

Health- I'm back down to my pre baby weight but things have definitely... Changed. My goal is to stick to a loose Trim Healthy Mama eating plan (loose because a lot of the "special ingredients" are hard to find over here.) And to continue with running when possible. I'd like to be able to fun a 5k by July and a longer stretch by December. Speed is not an issue, just endurance!

I'd also love to finish 4-5 photo books this year. I've fallen behind and it's going to take some work to get caught up! 

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Alison H said...

Goals. Blah. I just hate writing them down, although I like the idea of having them and for sure completing them!

And as far as the uncertain future...a line from a TobyMac song rings in my head..."hold on loosely, though I so wanna squeeze"...insert whatever subject into that you'd like. He's guiding. We're praying. You're being obedient. Praise God! LOVE YOU! Excited to see whatever is to come for one of our favorite families!