Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Priorities When Moving

We're moving!


Ian's accepted a job in Annapolis, Maryland, so we will make our way north of the Mason-Dixon line in the next couple of weeks. (which I'm sure will be an experience all by itself.)

We are so excited to be on our way to being settled after months of unsettled life.

Poor Grace is rather confused about our current status. She's either crying about missing Abu Dhabi or asking where we are living right now. "Are we in Tennessee? Or Minnesota? Or Florida?" It's high time we get ourselves an actual address and start to figure out the whole "Where are you going to kindergarten," thing.

Plus, we've been living out of suitcases and the space in our parents' closets for FOUR months. Crazy.

As we wrap our heads around moving to a place we've never lived in before (though Ian did vacation there as a two year old, so there is always that,) there are the normal questions you ask yourself:

Where are we going to live?
What are our neighbors going to be like?
Will Grace make friends?
What church will we go to?
What will day to day life look like?

But then there are the random, but oh so important questions that you look to Google for the answer for, such as:
Where is the nearest Target?
How "cold" is cold in this city?
What are taxes like? (and let me tell you, that moment when I first remembered about Federal taxes was a hard one! None of that when you work overseas!)
Do kids wear uniforms to school?

Priorities, people, priorities.

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