Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy Birthday, Grace! Part Two

 Grace's fifth birthday happened to fall on the Saturday after Easter this year. In what can only be construed as mom guilt, I felt it was necessary to have an all out party since my child had no friends to celebrate with on or around her actual birthday (due to the move.)

At her first birthday party, in Florida, I had talked her out of a hodge podge princess/dirt cake situation, and instead took the dirt cake inspiration and threw her a garden tea party. It all came together rather quickly. I sent Ian and Grace out to the store in the morning to pick up fresh flowers and balloons and had my parents set up a small table out in their back yard. I'm pretty sure it's just a folding table resting on some crates, but either way it was a great set up. We had colorful paper plates, mugs for hot cocoa (it was a cold and very windy day!) napkin bunnies that my mom folded, and some of Grace's favorite treats.

 Doesn't every little girl ask to have dates at her birthday party?
 Beautiful flowers and cute little bunny ears peeking out of the cups!
 We had towels to sit on and warm, fuzzy blankets to wrap around us to keep cozy.
 We chowed down. Luke LOVED the fruit and made a mess of himself with all of that melon.

 After we ate we played a couple of rounds of an egg/spoon race.
 Around the tree and back!
 Grace and Sophia were pretty excited,
 But their little personalities quickly showed themselves. Sophia followed the rules exactly....
 While Grace found a way to make it happen quickly and to her advantage!
 Afterwards Grace opened a few small presents, including her first Adventures in Odyssey! That makes this momma's heart proud (and to feel really old!)

 We all just love our Gracie girl so much!


Unknown said...

It was such a blessing to share that day with her! Love you all!

Emily Powell said...

such a sweet family party :)

Unknown said...

AWW! You're such a fun mum!