Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Stars on Our Ceiling

Every house has their own quirks, don't they?

Creaks, strangely built things, seemingly pointless additions.

Our house? It has a hidden feature.

We didn't even see it before we bought the house. True, I didn't actually get to do a walk through before we made an offer- Ian Facetimed me in and walked me through it since he was up in Maryland and I was in Tennessee visiting my parents.

Our house was newly renovated. New paint, new floors, new appliances. It seemed to be a fresh slate.

On move in day, we worked hard all day getting things unpacked and keeping the kids out of all of the boxes that weren't ready for them yet.

The kids got to bed and we were hot, dusty, and tired. Eventually we stopped unpacking and collapsed onto our mattress on the floor. We switched off the light and we saw it: Our house's secret feature.

Scattered across the ceiling were dozens of stars! I had taken out my contacts and thought I was seeing things. Ian busted out in laughter and told me that they were indeed there and not just scattered, there was a rhyme and reason to them.

Actual constellations!

We got up to flip on the lights to see how we had missed them before then quickly realized that they were painted on! During the daylight you can't see anything different. Keep a light on and they "charge," up, then glow during the night.


We could always paint over our ceiling, but I think it's better to leave it like it is so the next owners get to experience their own little treasure discovery, don't you?


Emily Powell said...

That is so so awesome!

Callie said...

Oh my goodness, that is so cool! I want stars on our ceiling! Definitely don't paint over them!