Thursday, February 23, 2017

Perfectionism, Errands, and Favorite Flavors

I'm taking a note from Callie (who featured me on her old fashioned blogger link up and then I didn't blog for a month!) and trying to get back into the swing of this regular blogging thing. I'm going to aim for once a week for the rest of the year. Seeing as I didn't make any yearly goals this year (shocking, I know,) this will fill that void!

It's been a long month of sorting out a work life balance. My perfectionist tendencies mean I want to do things perfectly, executed exactly as I envisioned or not at all. Feeling the stress of working part time as a preschool teacher, part time as an Usborne Books and More consultant, and still having all the responsibilities that I had as a full time stay at home mom, meant that something had to go- my expectations or a job.

Seeing as I didn't want to give up any of my roles, I'm learning to adjust my expectations and, possibly, not dream so big. Is that depressing? Well, it was more freeing for me to say "That goal is too big right now," then to say "I guess I can't do this at all anymore."

Little Readers
I'm all about the books these days- I've always been book and reading crazy but now I get to add the official title of Book Lady to my repertoire. Grace is an above average reader and loves reading to her siblings, especially after a library run. On days that Ian isn't home for bedtime this skill comes in really handy- Grace can start on storytime with Sophia while I put down Luke then return to them to finish up!

Sophia has started All About Reading Level 1, which I can't recommend enough. I LOVE it! If I was ever in a classroom teaching position I would beg the publishing company to make it available for classroom use. It is so easy to use as a parent, just open and go. Grace finished Level 2 a couple of months ago and we have started using All About Spelling Level 1 with her.

Seeing my girls fall in love with books, stories, and reading is a bit of a dream come true and I look forward to the challenge of finding books that inspire them and ignite their imaginations!

Errands with a Toddler 
I'm fairly used to having do my errands and grocery shopping with all three of my children in tow, however, the last couple of weeks has pushed my comfort level to the test. Luke has entered a phase where he despises the car, and he hates even more to leave something he is enjoying. Good times.

Also, disciplining in public is not my favorite thing, though necessary and important! I get about a 60% approval rating from those around me, usually in the form of a head nod or a confirming smile. There are those scathing looks and wrinkled brows that make you not want to keep firm on rules though.

It is entertaining doing errands with Luke as my buddy though. He mostly rides around saying "Hi!" to people. He often tells the cashiers "Thank you!" and before they can respond he follows it up with a "Come!" (You're Welcome!)

He also LOVES Batman right now. He has a little scoot around Batman car that he rides on and several of Ian's old action figures. It entertains me to no end that he loves running around stores singing the theme song "Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh, Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh, Batman!" He literally sprints while singing- to make him fly faster, of course.

Favorite Flavors
I am eating alot of Sugar Snap Peas lately. I eat a quarter to half a plate full every day with my lunch. YUM! I'm dreaming about grilling out in the coming months and have been thinking of finding that perfect, go to marinade for chicken. Any suggestions?

New Things
I will start sharing some quick updates of what I'm enjoying or interested in here- when there isn't much to expound on, it can be found here!

What I'm Reading
I just finished reading the entire Harry Potter series. It is so amazing and some excellent storytelling. After getting a recommendation from my co-teacher, I got Unbroken from our library on my Kindle! I have so many fiction pieces I want to read but I am trying to pepper in some non fiction also.

What I'm Drinking
Ian came home from work for lunch today (we love being close to his work!) and poured me a Diet Coke before he left. I'm not a very fast drinker- it's a real problem! So I usually just have a sip or two of his drinks and I'm okay with that. Pregnancies always meant I got better at drinking water, but I've completely derailed and am lucky if I drink 8 oz in a day. I know. It's bad.

What I'm Watching
Nothing, really! I've been reading so much lately that I haven't been watching anything. It's a good thing, too, because I feel like I have run out of good things to watch. We only have Netflix or Amazon Prime (no live TV,) and I think I've gone through just about everything they have to offer over the years. Ian and I did start watching Man in the High Castle on Amazon last month and really enjoy it but it is dark and heavy so alot of days I just want something lighter.

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Callie said...

Yay, I was so excited to see a new post from you! I love your format. Snap peas sound so good right now! And disciplining in public is so hard. I usually retreat to the bathroom for a quick correction or suffer through until we get to the car! ��