Monday, March 27, 2017

New Phases, Snail Mail, and Care Packages

New Phases
Every turn with each of the kids surprises me still. Sometimes I am overjoyed about their new abilities or new interests but sometimes, like this week, I have to grieve a little.

What is it that causes me so much sorrow?

Luke is no longer terrified of the vacuum cleaner or blow dryer.

Why is that such a sad thing, you ask?

Well, for six months now, if I desperately needed a moment of peace, I knew it could be acquired by doing one of two tasks- vacuuming or drying my hair. Simply mention the word and it would send him scurrying to find his siblings in other parts of the house. I could use the loud monstrosities and not have my constant shadow attached to me.

And, not that I'd EVER do something like this (eyeroll,) but if it was one of those impossibly long days I could, just maybe, vacuum then leave said vacuum on while I used the bathroom or started on dinner. It's just an idea.

Well, all of that is no more. Luke up and decided he is curious, not afraid, of those things that once provided me with peace.

Time to vacuum? No, time to vacuum with a two year old as an assistant!

Sigh. All good things come to an end, right?

(let it be known that the word vacuum was a fifth grade spelling word. I remember that. I can't seem to remember that it is one C and two U's. Thank goodness for spellcheck.)

Snail Mail

I love snail mail! Sending and receiving. I made it a mini goal of mine to send more of it out this year.

A timely birthday card.
Little notes and cards telling people that I was thinking of them or why I am thankful for them.

I have a big container of stationary readily available and the girls have taken to writing lots of notes to their friends. This is all really good except for the fact that many of their friends live overseas- which means a traditional stamp just won't cut it.

I love writing letters but I do NOT love visiting the post office.
Can I get an Amen?

I have to visit the post office semi regularly to mail packages with prize books from my Usborne parties or care packages for our overseas friends. I try to prep as much as possible but there is always something I've forgotten to do by the time I get up to the desk.

Care Packages

I think I've said it here before, but I'm going to say it again.

Do you have friends who live overseas? Just for work? Missionaries? Military? PLEASE send them a care package. Like right now!

Care packages were part of the reason we were able to make it for so long overseas. As someone whose love language is GIFTS, knowing that family and friends who were so far away took the time to think of us, shop for us, mail something (even when postage is expensive and post office lines long,) was so helpful!

Think of their birthdays, holidays, or a "just because," package! Think of things that they probably can't get (Valentines' Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, are all holidays that we could not get much for, especially in the way of quintessential candies, treats, or decorations!)

Don't forget to ask your friend what is something they want or need. We always asked for Publix Chili packets, Reece's cups, cough drops, and Ian's favorite type of pen. Easy things!

Involve your little ones in the shopping or packing process! Have them make a picture and pray over the box, that it will be a blessing to those who receive it.

What I'm Reading
Still Life by Dani Pettrey! A new release that I have been looking forward to AND it is set in the Chesapeake Bay area (Baltimore.) Even though I knew that when I read book one I'm now living there! So cool! I now know actual areas and restaurants she mentions!

What I'm Eating
Nothing right now. We just returned from the grocery store and I think Luke and Sophia will need earlier naps than normal. I'm looking forward to a turkey sandwich though!

What I'm Drinking
Reheated coffee. It's not great.

What I'm Listening To
The Rend Collective! Love them! And the kids are listening to Little People Sunday School Songs while they play.

What I'm Drinking
Coffee! It's a mix of a grocery store brand and Trader Joe's Cocoa Coffee.It's not my favorite but it is good!

What I'm Watching


Emily Powell said...

your way to get alone time is (was!) awesome!

Callie said...

I had to laugh at the vacuum and blow dryer sorrow, haha! It is sad when they start to grow out of those things. I'm trying to send more snail mail this year too! It's a lost art for sure. You are inspiring me to put some effort in to send my friend in Thailand a package!