Saturday, June 17, 2017

And, Exhale

Summer has finally started for us. Yesterday was my last day of teaching planning for the year and we now have 9 glorious weeks of not having to go into school!

I'll be frank with you, the last four weeks before summer were ROUGH. In the classroom and out. It felt like everything was on fast forward and that there wasn't enough time to get everything done.

There were some days that my co-teacher and I would look at each other, wide eyed, and wonder how we were going to survive the day. Often we would reach for our secret stash of chocolate and just get through it!

On a side note, if you haven't already, give your child's teacher their favorite treat more than just on Teacher Appreciation Day. Slip them a small pack of chocolates or pick up their favorite Starbucks just because it is a Tuesday. It helps get them through when those days are more manic than sane. And it's not just the sugar that helps, it's the thought!

Then there was regular family and home life. With everything amping up outside of the home it felt like chores got a bit neglected. When our AC died on us in the first real heat wave last week things at the house really went downhill because it was too hot to run the dryer or cook in front of the stove!

Now summer is here and things can be caught up on, including rest. I feel a deep need to just BE with Grace this summer. Play with her, read with her, create with her. Grace just finished kindergarten and I am very aware of how much she will change and grow in the coming months. Sophia will be there too, I'm sure, but since I had Sophia in class this year it doesn't feel as necessary.

We picked a few (random) goals to work on over the summer. I chose two food goals for my picky eaters: 1.) To eat a deli meat sandwich on bread like a normal human being. 2.) To eat a hamburger on a bun like a normal human being.

Not too tough, right?

I decided I was going to learn how to play chess this summer too. I felt like it was something lacking from my education/life experience but it totally overwhelms me. I've bought this book and got an app to help me learn the basics before I start the daunting task of letting Ian teach me/play against me.

Mainly though I'm hoping to get great use out of our neighborhood's swimming pool! I love swimming and being in the water but the kids aren't the most comfortable. Grace finally is out of her floaties and can confidently doggie paddle but she doesn't like putting her face in. Sophia will not get floaties back when her cast is off (she broke her arm!) and Luke just seems terrified in general to leave the stairs, even when we hold him!

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Emily Powell said...

I played chess in middle school but remember zero of it. My adult goal is to write better in cursive. I've taken no steps to get there.