Sunday, August 4, 2019


Recently I have been thinking about things that I like, don't like, or do as a habit that may be categorized as a quirk.

I mainly was thinking about this because all three of my big kids call armpits "Arm-pints." So far no amount of correction has swayed them in changing course.

This got me thinking about how we all have things that many people would think was odd about us. I thought i'd share a few of these oddities with you.

1.) I don't like men/boys in tank tops. I know, I know. Odd, right? Thankfully, Ian has no interest in wearing tank tops so we can just side step that conversation and I can just not provide my boys with them. Easy.

Along with the same idea, women in jumpsuits always have me going "Why?!" Listen. Ten years ago we all threw our heads back and laughed at the fashions of the 80's and 90's.

Jumpsuits, bodysuits, washed out jeans, MOM JEANS.

Oh, the mom jeans.

We laughed because they were once thought fashionable and so people wore them but they were so very unflattering. Now those things are all over the racks and have me raising my eyebrows wondering why anyone would wear these things!

2.) I cut my own hair for the most part. My curly hair means that it's a pretty straight forward cut- curls hide many discrepancies. I've never gotten my hair colored or highlighted so it is very easy upkeep.

3.) I don't enjoy most seafood. I can eat it and I have but I just wouldn't choose it if I had just about any other choice.

Crazy right? A Florida girl transplanted to Maryland who doesn't like seafood.

I actually do alright with most fish, as long as it isn't too "fishy." Anything with an exoskeleton is not appreciated. I think someone jokingly called crabs/lobsters/shrimps as cockroaches of the sea and I was just DONE.

4.) I have to shower as soon as I roll out of bed or I fight a serious morning funky attitude. If I can shower right away I’m otherwise quite the morning person.

Ian’s the exact opposite. He rolls out of bed and needs to have a bowl of cereal directly in front of him in approximately 2-3 minutes. Specifically, Raisin Bran. I guess that’s his quirk, not mine though, right?

5.) I like to hang out with people, really, I do. However, I strongly dislike when I’ve been invited somewhere, go expecting a nice intimate (read: small) gathering of the host and myself, but then arrive to find that they have invited more people to hang out.

I feel that it goes against southern hospitality rules of engagement but I have learned that it has more to do with how other people are extroverted (everything’s a party! Why not invite more?) and introverted (I’m so looking forward to some deep conversation with my friend!)

I have no problem when I walk into an event knowing it’s going to be more than just me, it’s just when I’m surprised by it, if that makes sense.

Alright, I spilled some of my quirks.


Surely you have some too, right? I’d love to hear about them!


Emily Powell said...

1. I don't like boys in tank tops either. Jonathan doesn't wear them so its a non issue.
2. The mom jeans kill me. Even if you weigh 80 lbs you still look like you have a muffin top. 100% unflattering on all body types. Georgia LOVES jumpsuits. I do not.
3. I was raised on the gulf coast and I don't like sea food. I was just telling my mom two weeks ago how shrimp were the same as roaches. My family wants to disown me.

Callie said...

I so relate to the 80s/90s style thing - I want to stay up with current trends but some of them - yikes! I actually saw a pair of jeans at H&M that were actually CALLED "Mom Jeans". I just don't understand this. Mom jeans used to me a bad thing. I'm really impressed that you cut your own hair, I thought it would be harder to do with a ton of curls! And yes about being invited to a visit and then finding out other people are coming! That happened to me one, but in that situation I almost felt like someone else was invited because the original girl didn't want to have to make conversation with just me. So yeah. Just at least make it clear from the start if you are trying to get a group together, you know?