Wednesday, January 1, 2020


The ball drops, the fireworks dazzle, and the champagne glasses clink together.

Hugs, kisses, and shuffling off towards bed, we as weary party goers feel accomplished for simply staying up too late.

Silence settles over the house and, in my endless state of insomnia, I make lists.

Grocery lists
To Do Lists
Communication Catch up Lists

Things I wanted to say but forgot
Books To Read

It’s truly never ending.

I settle into thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. I had been mulling them over for some weeks but the edges are still fuzzy. Ideas not fully formed but still existing in seed form.

Not one to fear un met goals and their repercussions, I am here to share my goals with you. I recently told my girls about resolutions. How they should be specific, measurable, and attainable. (No, “catch a unicorn,” can’t go on my list.)

Then we had a good chat about how failing to meet personal goals does not mean a person is a failure. How it might mean that life’s circumstances got in the way. Or how our good intentions did not take into account the need to sleep. Or eat.

The mark of a good resolution though should be in how we think through them, before, during, and after, and how we change it along the way (or don’t change it!)

Here are the seed ideas of my resolutions.

Reading- my sister is endeavoring to ready 100 books this year and, as much as I’d like to join her, I worry that two books a week is a steep expectation when taking into account my four kiddos and busy life. I will keep it at 100 for now but I’m happy to drop it down to 75 or even a measly 50 if that becomes a more reasonable expectation.

I’m counting books I read, audio books I listen to, and including some juvenile (middle grade,) fiction I will be reading with Grace or previewing for her.

Monthly goals- I thought that it would be fun to set small, attainable goals for each month, setting the, as I go throughout the year.

January’s goal is to take the big kids to our local outdoor ice skating rink- something we’ve been wanting to do for three years but never got around to it!

February’s goal is to work my way through some cookie decorating tutorials and try my hand at royal icing, piping, and flooding.

I like that these goals should be a fun, easy way to check something off of one of my lists. Not usually something that stretches on but is more of a one and done scenario.

Exercise- This will probably be worked into a few monthly goals but I would really like to run some 5k’s this year. I really hate running but it’s just something I’d like to say I’ve done/can do. 3-5 during this summer is my rough goal.

Travel- We haven’t taken many family vacations in the last ten years so we both want to make that happen this year. A beach trip is at the top of our list closely followed by a possible international trip. We may not have technically vacationed a lot but we have done a lot of traveling and we miss doing that with our kids.

That’s it for the year! I am a list and goal maker so I am sure more will come and go but I’m curious to see how I fair in these goals!

Happy New Year!

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Callie said...

I love reading everyone's goals for the new year! I'm so impressed you're shooting for 100 books! I need to settle down and work out some goals for myself, I just haven't had a chance yet.