Saturday, February 1, 2020


We survived it.

And I know I’m being tricked by the unseasonably warm weather here in Maryland, but I’m hoping that the worst of winter is over. I also realize there could be an additional seven weeks left but I will cling to the hope that we are at least on the downhill side of winter forwards spring.

I’ll be logical and say I know February will still be freezing and have chances for snow, but since we haven’t had any snow yet this year I will hold my breath and pray it just passes us by.

January just beat us down, and I’m not really sure if it was anything but the cold, dreary gray skies or what!

We homeschooled and made it to soccer, gymnastics, Awanas, and co-op.

We had our small group over a couple of times.

Everyone was relatively well and slept good.

See? Nothing that stands out too much, right?

So I will take a minute and focus on some of the things that did make it an interesting month...

I did meet my goal for the month of January of getting the kids down to the ice rink! It was so much fun and they all had great reactions. Grace was ready to go and got up and moving pretty quickly on her own. Sophia was hesitant and wanted a walker at first, but eventually she shed that and would make pretty good time around the rink, albeit with a lot of falling. Luke had to have his walker for the entire time but eventually would let me move it a few paces in front of him so he’d have to catch it. He also loved when I raced with him by pretending we were on Mario Kart!

Ian and I got to go on a date and saw 1917. It was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who likes history!

I did get to read a lot this month! I went through a spurt of fiction and then a dry week or so where I would pick things up and read a page or two and decide it wasn’t the right time for that book and I would put it back.

What I read this month:
One More Wish- Robin Jones Gunn
Sandy Toes- Robin Jones Gunn
Salty Kisses- Robin Jones Gunn
Crispin- Avi
Forever Hidden- Tracie Peterson
The Book of Secrets- A.L. Tait
The Book of Answers- A. L. Tait
If I Live- Terri Blackstock
Holly and Ivy- Fern Michaels

I have four other non fictions that I’ve made progress on but are of the slow and steady variety. They will “count” when I have finished them!

I got to get out for a morning on my own! Due to my Fear Of Missing Out I have a hard time skipping out for a morning or a whole day so when Ian had an unexpected day off I took him up on it and used gift cards to go get a massage, facial, and a haircut. I was so embarrassed when the stylist asked me when the last time I got a hair cut was.

“By me? A year ago. By someone else..... 3 years?!” Her face was priceless.

For February my goals are to:
1) Read 8-10 books
2) Get our taxes done (fun, right?)
3) Try decorating sugar cookies with royal icing! It’s so daunting to me but something I want to at least try.

February has dawned on a sunny and warm day. The kids will jump on the trampoline for a large chunk of the daylight hours and Ian and I will work together on a few household projects while keeping Ben from destroying things altogether. Not a bad way to start the month!

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