Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Dash Of Hope

Today has been a pretty eventful day, which I appreciate, because the past week has been stressful and boring. Not much humor in this post today, I apologize, it's really just an update. Things have been very "matter of fact" lately, and I think my lack of human interaction might be the cause for my not so funny blogging subjects. I can't wait to start working again. I get to see PEOPLE!!!

I probably won't be saying that in three weeks. It'll probably sound something like this:

"Why won't everyone leave me alone? If I could JUST have 30 minutes of quiet!"

But. You know. That's just how life goes, I guess.

Right. Back to my update. So this morning, I hop in the car and head to Mrs. Muni's house, the principal of academics at Cornerstone Academy here in Gainesville. I was intending to drop off Ian and I's applications and get to know the voice from the phone who I had been talking to for 72 hours.

She had other plans. Or rather, made other plans. So after two or three minutes there, we jumped in our cars and headed to the school's campus to get the teacher text book so I could have a look. I met some of the other teachers while there, and got to see my potential classroom. It was pretty danky without any decorations or posters right now, and it is in desperate need of a new area rug, (the one that is in the room is white with big black/brown splotches, kinda sketchy if you ask me.) She told me that the church they are renting from stopped maintaining the school campus, so they are making do for this school year until they can move into a new campus.

She handed me the teacher text book and a student version, so I could get used to the curriculum, and that was about it!

I did learn some very interesting things about the job however. It is a fulltime teaching position for 5/6 grade science. The school runs T, W, and F from 8-3. They are also starting up an optional Thursday program for enrichment purposes and are looking for someone to run the science part of that. So I could potentially work Tuesday through Friday, 8-3.

So off I headed to my Borders interview with much happier feelings about the school. walked in and my interviewer wasn't back from lunch yet, so I wandered. He came in about 10 minutes later, and took me back to the offices. Asked me the same questions the lady from yesterday asked me, and then offered me the job!


So I go in tomorrow (Thursday,) to fill out all of the paperwork, and I believe I start training on either Friday or Saturday! I also told him that I was going to be starting teaching, and he said that was no problem, that this was a part time position anyways!

Double Hurray!

So now we have to find "Master Ian," (as Clara V. calls him,) a job. The school wants to use him as an Algebra 3 and Pre-Calc teacher, but if you know Ian, you know how funny this is. God will have our children be mathematical prodigies just to make us laugh. So he met with the principal and talked to the math Chairperson, and picked up the textbooks to see if he can handle it.

It would be very nice if he decided to take the jobs (OR if they offered them to him,) because of how flexible the work would be. The two classes could fit inside of his Grad work time, which is very hard to work around at a normal part-time job.

So now, we are just waiting for an offer from the school. I know she is checking my references because after she talked to Mr. Sacket (my internship supervising teacher,) she called me to tell me how much he bragged about me. I laughed. She was impressed, which is good, I guess.

I hope to hear something back from the school by this weekend, and I am kind of hoping I don't hear back anything from the public schools. I would just have to make a tough decision that I don't want to make: Teach at a school that honors God and let's you teach "willing to learn" kids with helpful parents, but for not so much money (enough to survive comfortably though,) or, teach at a school with nearly double the pay, but in a public system that has challenged children and hard to deal with parents. I don't know what I would do!

But I don't really think I am going to hear from them.

I just have a feeling about this.

Have you ever had one of those "gut" feelings?


Marsha C said...

WhooHoo!!! A job for Brittney. Maybe a good discount too. :o) I know how you like being busy so this must be hard for you right now. Hang in there sweetie. Things are going to come together for the both of you as far as jobs go. There are way to many people praying for you for it not to. Have a marvelous day!!! Love you,
Momma xoxoxoxoxo

Emily said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned Clara calling Ian "Master Ian"! She got that from Gus who got it off of a piece of mail that was sent to Zachary that called him "Master Zachary"! It sounds so genteel! Those of us who know Zachary know he doesn't fit that mold yet, but Ian does fit the mold of a gentleman! So it is an old sign of respect! I hope when Zachary grows up that he becomes less of a beast and more of a gentleman...... there's a lot of room for improvement here!
We be praying for your job! I totally get why you would want the job in a nice private Christian school over a public one. Working in a public school is a bit like being drafted into the Marines without the combat training! I won't lie to you and say that it wasn't tough when I did it. However, I do believe God used me in some very dark places and in some very hard situations and I took great comfort in that. Look at it this way, it is very easy to be a Christian surrounded by strong Christians in an ideal setting. But sometimes God needs you to be the Marine that shines a light in the combat zone. If you're looking at being a missionary, public school is good practice! Be open to what He offers you- I know you will glorify Him wherever you go!
As for the Borders job......Oh Brittney, my little book lover....are you sure you'll bring home much of a check after they let you loose in that giant book store with an employee discount?!! I'll be honest here and say I'd be the the negative balance, but you are much more disciplined! It's a little like sending a Weight Watcher to work in Bruster's Ice Cream shop!!! LOL!!
We love you, miss you, and are always praying for you!!!

Angela said... that was a post chock full of promise!!! I am praying for you and Ian both.... IT WILL ALL WORK OUT. I am so proud of you. I don't know if I can say that enough.... as far as which school to work at....wait until you have something concrete to compare, and try not to worry until then. You will know when the time comes. If it is the public school, remember that we are to be salt and light in the world. I can't think of ANYONE I would rather have teaching MY children in public school than YOU.
Borders----- now that just sounds like a heavenly treat to me!!!! YAY!!!
This is all good news.....things are happening little by little and all of it is going to work together for GOOD. I PROMISE.
I love you to pieces. xoxoxo

Sam said...

awesome news! i hope it works out...ian the same school as a math teacher... :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you D!