Sunday, July 13, 2008

A quick trip:

Today seemed to be a pretty great day, though I am flat out exhausted as I write this.

Woke up for church and got ready. Dashed out the door at 9:25, because, pshh, who needs to leave any earlier for church than five minutes until the service? I mean, come on. I have never been known to be one who leaves EARLIER than necessary in the morning!

Parked, and got into the 9:30 service before the first music started. Pastor Calvin (of our new church~ North Central Baptist Church which is literally 1.5 minutes away,) gave a great message on persecution of the Church and how there are different types and how to deal with/embrace them.

As soon as the service was out, we jetted back to the coffee bar (mmmm, isn't it amazing? A church with good coffee!) then headed out. We had to miss Sunday school this morning, but it was for a good cause.

We came to OVIEDO!! But only for a short little visit again. Ian dropped me off at my friend Katie R's house, and we headed over to a wedding shower for our friends. My momma was there and she was pretty happy to see me too! Two hours, cake, and presents later, Mom and I headed out for home, chatting happily. I got to wake my dad up from his afternoon nap, and got tons of barks and kisses from my puppy. Dad gave us a tour of his new BEAUTIFUL truck, and then gave us a ride in it.

Then. Came the best part.

We went out to eat!!!! We went to Bahama Breeze which is one of Ian's and I's favorite restaurant (along with PF Changs of course,) and had a wonderful dinner with my parents. We left straight from there and came home.

Whirlwind of a trip, but good. Didn't get to see everyone I wanted, but still.... a great trip.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad I got to see you today! It made my Sunday! Will be chatting with you about a trip to visit soon. I love you friend!

Emily said...

Hi Britt!
I'm so glad you got to spend time with your family! That house must feel terribly empty without you and Heather in it!
I had to laugh at how you get to church within the minute! I'm that way, but it doesn't work as well with 4 kids in tow! Gotta leave room for the inevitable Zachary/Clara tantrum or the search for any lost item! I'm glad you've found a church! That's a huge accomplishment! Even better that it's close by!

Marsha C said...

Good Morning Brit,
It was so great to see you yesterday. You and Ian look so happy together. We had a wonderful time at dinner. I can't wait until the next time. Have a fantastic week. Thanks for sharing your day with us. We loved it!!!

Anonymous said...

Um... you were in Oviedo. Sad face... I did not get to see you, nor have I gotten to see you in over a month... this is a very sad story, and a serious problem, but one that will be resolved soon enough. I miss you my dear!

Angela said...


viedo???, totally kidding! Sounds like a wonderful day, I'm sure your mom and dad loved every When are you moving BACK???