Sunday, August 24, 2008

There and Back Again...

A Brittney's story.

Sorry it has been so long. Well, I am only partially sorry.

It has been so busy around here that even our sleep is suffering!

On Wednesday we left for Georgia to visit Ian's grandparents in northern Georgia. It was a very short drive from here and then we just spent time hanging out with them for a day and a half. We drove back on Friday in the middle of Fay, and came home to an apartment without power-but it returned shortly, just in time for me to start a mountain of laundry.

Saturday, my wonderful parents came for a visit. We spent the day driving around, showing them our new church, our work places, and such. Then, miracles of all miracles, my momma bought me a trash can! Now all of you who were worried can breathe easier. It was a big day because we hung our graduation diplomas!

Today was also a big day because Ian and I officially joined our new church and started teaching a sunday school class in the college department. For me, the next three days will be a whirlwind or work, which is good. Tomorrow, Ian starts his new regiment of class at 7:30 so I have a feeling he will be a little grumpy until he is used to the early rising.

Until there is a break in the schedule, I will probably only have short little updates telling you what I have been up to. Pictures will be uploaded later this week.

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Emily said...

I'm so glad you finally got your trash can! Aren't moms lifesavers, or what?!! You, my dear, have a particularly cool mom!!
I'm glad you didn't need a canoe to get back into the state! I thought Fay would NEVER leave!! You're lucky y'all didn't get flooding or lose your power for long! There are quite a few around here in bad shape! In Oviedo, the Duda Sod Farm is now 2 gigantic lakes!! I'm not exagerating! Water as far as the eye can see! Another hour or 2 of rain and it would've covered Red Bug!
I'm so glad that y'all are settling into life there! I'm still praying a teaching job comes for you! You're way too talented to not be teaching! That's awesome that you've found and joined a church! You both will be a great asset there!
The Vargas Clan loves and misses you!